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Kombucha Labels

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The Material

With the trend going towards drinking more non-alcoholic beverages, kombucha is no longer just a healthy trend drink from Hollywood. It has now arrived on markets worldwide and is part of a healthy lifestyle for many health-conscious consumers.

Labels for kombucha serve to identify the product and, like all other product labels, have to fulfil a number of tasks and possibly also special requirements. At the same time, the packaging should of course also reflect the thoroughly health-promoting properties of kombucha and appeal to the health-conscious customer. The decision for the right material is therefore of great importance.

Classically, paper labels are used in the beverage industry. Here you can choose from a variety of papers, with or without texture, matt or glossy – depending on the look you want for your kombucha drink. Alternatively, you can also opt for a film label. This offers the additional advantage of being smudge-proof. For many customers nowadays sustainability is an important element in the purchasing process. Therefore, we offer a range of FSC®-certified materials, such as grass paper made from real grass fibres.

The Design

The design of the packaging and label should convey the character and taste of the drink to the outside. Thereby appealing to a health-conscious target group and creating trust among them. All in all: convince customers of the “inner values” and underline the naturalness of the product.

In addition to choosing the right material, design and printing are also important issues. Frequently seen on the shelves are above all clean no-label looks with transparent material and little print. They underline the naturalness of the product. But a colourful and eye-catching design is also becoming more and more popular: bright colours, comic style and eye-catching design. Thanks to digital printing, labels are super easy to personalise and individualise. Ideal if you want to give your label a very special look. For example, make each label truly unique with HP Mosaic: the software generates unique graphic designs, giving each label a different look.

Whatever look you choose, at we produce your labels for kombucha in high quality and at fair prices. On request, we also offer express production within 48 hours.

The Finishing

How about a finishing touch to give your label that certain something? For example, choose a hot foil in gold, silver, bronze or many other colours. Also a special eye-catcher: our blind embossing. Or we can add partial or relief varnish to your labels on request (minimum ordering quantity: 10,000 labels). Would you like to make your label particularly resistant to moisture? Then simply choose our film lamination, available in matt or glossy.

Have Your Kombucha Label Designed for You

Your beverage urgently needs a label, but you don’t have the know-how or the resources to create the print file yourself? Then our design service for labels is exactly the right solution for you. First, you put together your individual design package of varieties and designs. In the next step, you fill out a briefing with information about the product and your wishes for your new label. One of our graphic designers will then contact you to clarify further questions and inspire you with a creative label design. The basic package includes:

  • 2 design concepts
  • 3 revisions
  • bespoke advice
  • 2 stock images
  • 1 basic press proof service
  • print-ready label artwork files
  • full copyright ownership

Design Service

Tool and Services

Label artwork always has been and always will be a key part of the label printing process. For businesses who do not have resources to ensure their artwork is print-ready, we have a range of artwork services available.

Should you wish to proof your labels before ordering a complete run, you can book our proofing service

If you need high-quality labels produced in high speed our express production is just right for you.

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