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Awesome Product Labels; Why your Business Needs Them!

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Product Labels - Why They Should Never be Overlooked!

Product labels form an incredibly important part of your product’s marketing mix and should never be overlooked. With so much choice on shops’ shelves, it’s crucial that your labels provide all the essentials whilst also standing out from the crowd. That’s why we’ve outlined some key points to think about when you come to designing yours.

4 Tips to Help Get You Started

#1 - First Impressions

How your labels look and feel can make the difference between sold and not sold, even within the first few seconds. With a snappy, on point design that attracts the eye, your product can get its foot in the door.

#2 - Identifying the product and the brand

Once your labels have caught someone’s attention, they need to tell the consumer who or what they’re looking at, quickly and easily. A logo and an overall look that is recognisable and sticks in the mind gives your product a big advantage over others.

#3 - Identifying the quality of an item

Regardless of the product itself, most potential customers will subconsciously grade the quality of a product based on the look and feel of the labels. That’s why top quality print and a suitable choice of material and finish can help yours stand out from the crowd. Take wine labels for example: a textured paper and a gold foil finish can make all the difference to someone’s decision.

#4 - Providing Essential Information

“Wow, it looks amazing!…… But what is it?” is something that you probably wouldn’t like your potential customers thinking. So whilst the form is crucial, the labels of course still need to have their function. Informative yet concise, interesting yet simple, eye-catching yet clear; finding the balance can be tricky, but great product labels will be sure to have it.


Your product labels are your way of communicating your product and your brand to consumers – their first port of call. To see some great examples of label designs, make sure to send off for your free sample book today!

Product Labels Summary:

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