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Food Label Printing

Food packaging can either printed onto directly or as in most cases a printed, adhesive label is used. These printed labels can be circular, square, or custom-shaped, depending on the pack for mat being used.

What are the special features of food labels?

Labels for food are generally adhesive stickers such as those we are familiar with from other packaging – bottles, cans and cartons. However, it must be ensured that food labelling legislation is not breached when producing food labels. Further details on this will follow below. If food labels are required for tins of food, for example, the print is no different from other paper products. It’s different for labels for food onto which the price, quantity and use-by date are subsequently printed individually. Such products usually have what is referred to as a window which can be subsequently printed on.

What needs to be considered with regard to food labelling legislation?

The basic prerequisite for food labelling is adherence to the stipulations of legislation, which of course has an impact on the materials and printing processes which can be used. For example, the visible side must not come into contact with the package contents. Food packaging must also not be printed on the inside. On the one hand, print colours for food labels must also be selected for their resistance to any impact from the contents, but on the other, they must not influence or change the taste, smell or appearance of the food.

How are food labels processed?

When producing tins and jars, the labels are generally mechanically applied. Adhesive labels for packages of fresh meat which are printed on afterwards normally come on rolls and are subsequently applied by hand. Roll labels are tried and tested for food labelling. Wet glue labels are used for sealed packaging such as tins and jars, if required. For all other purposes identified, self-adhesive roll labels should be used due to legislation governing food.

Materials, shapes and printing

As mentioned above, paper is usually used in the production of food labels. can, however, also offer you printed films or transparent labels for the look you require as well as various finishing processes.

You have the choice between round, square, circular labels or a personalised shape according to your requirements. If you are looking for something unusual, we would be happy to advise you on the options. We print on paper as well as coloured and transparent film labels of the highest quality using both digital processes and conventional offset processes. We do not use flexographic printing or Inkjet due to quality considerations.

What needs to be considered when producing freezer labels?

Not only must freezer labels be resistant to cold, they must also be resistant to moisture to a certain extent, as there will be meltwater or condensation in their vicinity. Generally, freezer labels are manufactured using film or wood-free paper and a frost-resistant adhesive is applied. They are then suitable for temperatures as low as -20°C. Special food labels are also necessary for food containing oil or food preserved in oil so that product identification can be guaranteed if oil leaks out of the food packaging. If you have any questions on these topics, please speak to our team of advisers.

Quality and quick delivery

As you can see, labels for food are rather more complex than labels destined for other products may be. Comprehensive advice will often be required. Simply contact us – our team will provide you with comprehensive, competent advice. As professionals for every type of label, we do not compromise on the quality of print processes and the materials used. Whether it’s paper, film, coloured or transparent labels, high quality is our primary focus. We also guarantee rapid delivery – for us, deadlines are binding. If in doubt, you can also have the product you require produced within 48 hours using our express service. Of course, you can take an initial look at our materials and finishes at your leisure; simply order our sample book free of charge.

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