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Vinyl Labels; Custom Printed & Supplied on Rolls

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Custom Vinyl Labels on Rolls for Organisations of All Shapes & Sizes

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Vinyl labels for brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Custom printed vinyl labels on rolls for commercial environments; vinyl labels are waterproof and oil and chemical resistant.

What are Vinyl Labels?

Generally speaking, vinyl labels, is a common term used to describe roll labels which have been printed on a polymeric substrate; in other words plastic. The “vinyl” element of the term comes from the material polyvinylchloride or PVC for short. In actual fact, polypropylene (PP) is now widely accepted as a standard polymeric material used across the product labelling industries; predominantly because of it’s flexibility in terms of processing and converting.

Why Print Labels on Polypropylene?

#1 - Waterproof

In comparison to paper materials, polypropylene and vinyl materials do not absorb liquids; i.e. they are waterproof. With reference to bottle labels, this is an extremely interesting property. Labels that are commercially applied to bottles can come into contact with a fair amount of water; let’s take the example of craft beer bottle labels. Many brewers apply their custom printed labels to their bottles pre-filling. This means the label will come into contact with water at the rinsing/sterilisation stage, filling and a second rinse. The labels must then also hold up through the logistics phases and throughout refrigeration. This concept can be taken across many other food, beverage, chemical and cosmetic sectors.

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#2 - Oil & Chemical Resistant

Again, polymeric labels do not absorb liquids. So product labels that come into contact with oil and chemicals will not become stained. This is of course very interesting for chemical based products as well that cosmetics industry. Due to the high melting temperatures of polypropylene, embellishments such as hot foil stamping are available.

#3 - Available in Transparent

Where brands and business owners are looking for that “no label look” then polypropylene is a very sensible choice. Transparent labels are produced in exactly these are way as all other digital labels.

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