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Let's get Print-Ready!

Like many other types of packaging, labels are often highly refined in order to stand out from the crowd on the shelf and underline the quality of the respective products. It is not unusual for experienced graphic designers to bite their teeth when applying blind embossing, hot foil stamping, relief varnish and the like, as every print shop has its own specific technical specifications. In order to bring some clarity into the world of label printing, we have created some tutorials for you on creating print-ready data using Adobe Illustrator. You can choose between two options: a written step-by-step guide, which is also available for download and a video tutorial on the respective topic, in which the individual steps are explained and visualised.

Tutorials for Adobe Illustrator CC

Set-up Hot Foil Stamping

Set-up HPI White on Transparent Labels

Create a Print Bleed

Set-up HPI White on Metallic Labels

Create a Die Cutting Line