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Protective Varnish

Protect Your Custom Printed Labels with a Protective Varnish

Protective Varnish
Custom Labels on Rolls for Organisations of All Shapes & Sizes

  • A Protective Finish
  • Gloss & Matt Available
  • High-Quality Print
  • Premium Finishing
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What is UV-Protective Varnish?

This clear protective varnish/lacquer is applied to the labels at the end of the production process before cutting in order to extend the life of your labels as long as possible. UV-protective varnish is available in gloss and matt and are suitable to be used in combination with thermal transfer printing.

Why Use UV-Protective Varnish?

We recommend using a protective varnish as it ensures that your labels won’t fade under exposure to UV light in both commercial and retail environments. Not only that, it also protects the print work from minor scuffs and to a certain extent from light, liquid contamination. The aforementioned properties mean that labels which feature a UV-protective varnish offer an ideal solution for products such as food and drink labels. A UV protective varnish allows textured papers to withstand the impact of many commercial and retail environments all the while maintaining the important function of looking great and projecting your brand in a positive light.

UV-Protective Varnish; Gloss & Matt

UV-protective varnishes are not sold as aesthetic varnishes; they are much more related to label function than label aesthetics. We offer both gloss and matt variations in order to compliment the finish of our most standard materials. Applying a matt UV-protective varnish to glossy white material will not result in a complete matt finish; a matt UV varnish is available to be applied to and compliment matt, textured papers. In essence, UV-protective varnishes are not mean to be seen; they are there to increase the longevity of your custom printed labels.

UV-Protective Varnish; Important Notes

Where your brand or business is looking to use direct thermal printing as a secondary process, it is important that no UV-protective varnish is applied to your custom labels. Under the heat of the thermal direct printing process, the varnish will simply start to melt and smell.

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Label artwork always has been and always will be a key part of the label printing process and producing custom labels is no different. For businesses who do not have resources to ensure their artwork is print-ready, we have a range of Artwork Services available.

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