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Meet The Team

Introducing The Team

Behind is a young team that can handle the pressure presented by high-quality label production. Our business idea was born from traditional print production and modernised. With the aim to allow users to easily calculate label quotes directly on our website, we created our very own digital innovation – the Online Calculator.

After a year of planning and implementation, the website went live in January of 2011, with the ambition to be the UK’s online leader for label production in quality and professionalism. We rely on lean work processes and efficient technology – these advantages are transmitted directly in our low prices to you.

We have an ultra-modern production facility as well as an in-house print shop available with team nearly 100-strong. The latest technology, top-quality professional service, punctuality and low prices are our daily focus to guarantee customer satisfaction. Learn more about our performance, order our Sample Book or try our Online Calculator yourself!

Sarah Klein - Sales & Customer Service
Tel: 0203 58810 82

Marion Koch - Production Manager
Tel: 0203 58810 51

Susan Mallen

Susan Mallen - Sales & Customer Service
Tel: 0203 58810 84

Richard White

Richard White - Business Development Manager
Tel: 0203 58810 86

Denise Buch - Graphics & Pre-Press
Tel: 0203 588 10 50

Anna Grewelding - Graphics & Production
Tel: 0203 588 10 83

Michael Wey

Michael Wey - General Manager
Tel: 0203 58810 59

James Nilles - General Manager
Tel: 0203 58810 33

Tommi Meyer - IT
Tel: 0203 588 10 0