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Transparency by Amazon

Protect your brand and customers from counterfeits. Transparency is a product serialisation service that helps identify individual units and proactively prevent counterfeits from reaching customers.
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Transparency Label GeneratorFor Transparency Approved Labels on Rolls & Sheets



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A4 Sheets: 12
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The Following Options are Available:

Choose Between Four Label Types
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Integrate Your
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Integrate Transparency Codes
Into Existing Labels
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Would You Like to Integrate Transparency Codes
into an Existing Label Design?

Send us an e-mail including your label artwork PDF, the quantity of labels you are looking for and you Amazon Transparency Brand ID. Please help us help you by making sure there is enough space within your artwork file to include Transparency data. Please find our PDF below for guidance.

Label Artwork Information [PDF]



Do you Need a New Label Design or Would You like
to Have an Existing Design Refreshed?

Our Design Service is here to help. We’re also happy to include the option to incorporate Transparency data as a part of our service.

Authorized Transparency Service Provider

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