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Digital Labels

Digital Labels; The Digital Label Printing Revolution

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Digital Labels; An Overview

The term digital labels simply refers to the method of print production that has been used to produce the custom labels on rolls. As you have guessed, digital labels are printed using digital label printing. As across most industries over the past ten years, the digital revolution has played a part in the transformation of the label printing industry. It used to be that, the more you produce, the cheaper it gets. While this is still true to a certain extent, we are now able to produce much shorter, flexible runs at cost-effective prices.

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Multi-Versioned Print Runs

So long as the physical elements of your label printing job remain the same, such as the material, shape and size, we are able to combine all your labels in to one print run; this means reduced set up costs and thus rapidly reducing your cost per label. Many brands and business use the same packaging across a particular product line, this generally means that the label remains the same shape and size as well. Now we can print all your flavours, of varying quantities, in one production run and sent on separate rolls for filling.

Digital Labels; The Perfect Marketing Tool

Consumers now want to feel special more than ever. Brands now cater for this with more and more limited editions and new flavours/product variations. Digitally printed product labels allow for a quick and cost-effective route to market; here flexibility is king. Digital label printing now also allows marketers to place unique promotion codes and even the names of customers on the labels.

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