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Request a Sample Book completely free of charge. In addition to the various papers and films that we offer, we’re sure you’ll be convinced of our print quality as well as impressed with the effects and uses of hot foils, film laminations and protective varnishes. You will also receive die-cut sample labels which you can apply to your products for testing purposes.

Update: July 2021

Due to high demand for our sample books, we have run out of stock!  Currently we are sending packs with samples of various labels instead for the next few weeks until more books are printed.

If you do receive one of these packs and still would like a sample book, please get in touch with us and we can arrange for one in due course.

Our Free Sample Book!

Test and try our labels which are Available for organisations of all sizes

  • Test our materials & finishes
  • Check the adhesive strength on your application
  • Convince yourself of our print quality
  • Pre-cut labels for sticking on your product
  • Source of inspiration for the design of your label
  • Important information about label printing & correct print data
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