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Roll Labels; Winding Directions & Roll Configurations

Roll Labels - A Guide to Label Application

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Roll Labels and Application Overview

Our custom product labels on rolls at are oftentimes used in either automated packaging lines (machines) or within teams of operatives at contract service providers applying for manual application.

Application via machine

If you are to apply your printed labels via machine, there are generally three important things to consider; the winding direction, the core size and the outer diameter of the final roll.

#1 Maximum Outer Diameter – Each and every end user that we deliver our labels to operates a different machine. The key here is to get as many labels on one roll as possible to limit the number of machine set-ups and to ensure the rolls aren’t too large so that they fit in the machine.

#2 – Core Size, Inner Diameter – The core is essentially the cardboard tube that your labels are produced on. The core size is important further down the line as this is the element of the roll that will sit on the spool of your application machine. Too large, the roll won’t rotate and apply the labels. Too small, the rolls simply wont fit in the machine!

#3 – Winding Direction – The winding direction affects the way that your packaging labels leave the roll and are applied to your product. This is super important; we don’t want the labels coming off the roll upside-down.

# Additional Tips:

– All the above information should feature within your machine manual.
– It’s very common within the bottling world for labels to be narrow edge leading.
– Our standard core size is 76mm. We also offer 25mm and 40mm tubes.
– We can also configure rolls to feature a certain number of labels where necessary.
– For longer production runs we are able to offer a number carrying bands, including PET.

Manual Application

If you are applying your custom printed labels by hand then there aren’t too many things to consider, you’re free to simply peel the printed labels from the roll and get sticking! One thing that may be worth considering is the ‘number of labels’ per roll. We want to be be able to help you and your operatives by keeping the the rolls we send manageable. Our customer service team is more than happy to chat through with you.

We understand that applying self adhesive labels by hand for the first time isn’t the easiest, especially if you have a new container you are trying out. That’s why we always include a couple of spares for you to experiment with first!

Winding Directions:

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Roll Labels Summary:

  • Custom Core Sizes
  • Rolls of Any Size
  • Custom Winding Directions