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From Wick to Wax: Everything You Need to Know about Candles

Candles_Blog_Post Handcrafting has recently regained popularity. So, it comes as no surprise that creating your own fragrances and making them into unique, artisan wax candles is also something more and more people are showing an interest in. If you are looking for interesting and important information about crafting candles this blog post was written for you!

Labelling Techniques

semi_automatic_labelling Once a label has been designed and produced, it's time to put it on your products. From time to time we receive questions and uncertainties regarding the application of labels and the advantages and disadvantages of certain processes. Although we do not offer services for applying labels to products, we are happy to provide an overview of the most commonly used processes.

1st October 2021 | Natasha’s Law |
Are you Label Ready?

Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, 15, was heading on a holiday from Heathrow Airport when she ate a baguette from a Pret a Manger outlet. Just hours later, Natasha died from an anaphylactic shock to sesame seeds which, unknown to her or her parents, were in the sandwich she’d eaten.

Black Mark and Insetting Mark – A small mark but with big effect!

With transparent labels, there is the problem that the optical sensors of the labelling machines cannot detect the difference between the backing and the label. A mark provides a remedy here and signals to the machine where the label begins and ends.

Field Test: Printing with a Thermal Printer

Meto-printer-UK Printing with Thermal printers: We have done the testing for you.Whether best-before date, weight information or ingredient list, for many of our customers the subsequent printing of their labels is an important issue.  In order to be able to give our customers even better material recommendations for their respective applications, we have carried out a […]

Special Colour Printing – These are the Options

Spot Colours – A Brief IntroductionSpot colours describe printing colours used in addition to the CMYK colour space.  These spot colours can be used to print colours that are outside the four-colour printing space.  From rich Pantone colours to delicate pastel shades to shimmering silver print – at you have the possibility to choose […]

Your Questions Answered: Print Data

Correct print data is essential for a smooth order and production process and every printing company has different requirements. In order to make it as easy as possible for you to set up your printing data correctly, we will provide you with a few aids. This way you can be sure that your print data […]