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Why Sustainable and Ethical
Practices Benefit Your Business

Green_energy If you want your business to thrive, you need to keep an eye on trends shaping the global market. For example, sustainable and ethically acceptable practices are more important than ever. In this blog article we have summarised the most interesting information for those, who seek to run a successful, future-oriented business.

A Guide to: Honey Jars and Labels

jars_and_labels_honey Honey jars come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. So, the labels you put on those jars can have varying shapes and sizes too. It is important to get the right size label for your honey jars. This blog article will give you a comprehensive overview of most common types of jars and labels for your honey.

Local not Lavish – Why You Should
Support Your Local Farm Shops

fresh_products Farm shops are a form of retailing that takes a step towards changing consumer behaviours in the food industry. The concept usually includes locally and ethically produced goods. Thus, the idea of a farm shop tackles many of problems connected to consumer behaviours and is therefore becoming increasingly popular.

The (R)evolution of Beverages

design_water_bottle In anticipation of the approaching spring and summer months, we delved into the trends shaping the beverage industry. Which developments do we expect to dominate the beverage market this year? Join us as we explore the most impactful trends set to define 2024.

White Labelling in the Food
Supplement Industry

supplement_varieties Many food supplements sold in different shops and under different brands actually come from the same manufacturers. These make their products available to different companies, which then sell them under their own brand names. This practice is called white labelling. explain the advantages and disadvantages of this practice.

Wine in the UK: A Closer Look

wine_labels It is fair to say that recently the UK has become a wine-producing nation. Over the past ten years, the number of acres planted with UK grapevines has more than doubled. So, has taken a look at current trends and recent developments and summarised the most important information for you in this blog piece.

From Wick to Wax: Everything You
Need to Know about Candles

Candles_Blog_Post Handcrafting has recently regained popularity. So, it comes as no surprise that creating your own fragrances and making them into unique, artisan wax candles is also something more and more people are showing an interest in. If you are looking for interesting and important information about crafting candles this blog post was written for you!