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What is the Purpose of Film Lamination?

Film lamination is an additional finishing process in which a plastic film is pulled over the label. The dirt and moisture-repellent film additionally protects the label from abrasion.

Plus Materials | The Strength
in your Product Label

blog-plus-materialien When deciding for or against a material, the adhesive strength of a label has to be decided on in addition to its appearance and feel. Depending on the industry, special requirements may also placed on the label.

Using a Thermal Transfer Printer
to Print on Labels

Thermal_Transfer_Printer Can I use a Thermal Transfer Printer to Print your Labels? A question that we often get asked.  The answer being Yes.  You can print some of our materials yourself using a thermal transfer printer.

The History of the Label | Part 2

Label Showcase In Part 1 we learned how the label developed from the Egyptians' roll seal to the pendant used by the Romans. In this post we look at the development from the Middle Ages onwards. Here an invention had a decisive influence on our label today: letterpress printing.

The History of the Label | Part 1

Cylinder Seal of the Uruk period The term label has its origin in the old French word estiquette, which comes from estequier/estequer and means to attach, append or little note.

Can I order different label designs in one order?

Coffee Pouch Labels At you can order several designs in one order. The prerequisite is that all designs have the same format, size, material and finish: When you order via the online calculator, first enter the total quantity of your labels. Then you can specify how many different designs should be printed.

Lucid Hemp | CBD Oil Pure and Simple

Hemp bottle splashing CBD Pruducts – the FactsRecent changes in the law have led to a variety of CBD based products flooding into our lives.   With so many products and companies involved, and the fact that CBD is a cannabis-based product with minimal regulation, it can be pretty confusing for any consumer.   At online retailer, Lucid […]