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Black Mark and Insetting Mark – A small mark but with big effect!

With transparent labels, there is the problem that the optical sensors of the labelling machines cannot detect the difference between the backing and the label. A mark provides a remedy here and signals to the machine where the label begins and ends.

Caravan Coffee Roasters | Supporting Female Coffee Growers

Female-coffee-roaster Who Are Caravan Coffee Roasters?All year long, our Head of Coffee selects fresh, in-season lots from around the world, while our roasting and quality control teams carefully monitor the roasting process using daily cuppings and constant data logging, ensuring each roast always allows the coffee’s terroir – the natural flavours of the origin and the […]

Field Test: Printing with a Thermal Printer

Meto-printer-UK Printing with Thermal printers: We have done the testing for you.Whether best-before date, weight information or ingredient list, for many of our customers the subsequent printing of their labels is an important issue.  In order to be able to give our customers even better material recommendations for their respective applications, we have carried out a […]

Rempapa Spice Labels | Put More Spice in your Life

Rempapa_Sambal_Jar1 Who and What is Rempapa? In Southeast Asia, curries and a whole host of dishes begin with a fresh spice paste –  called rempah in Malay.  A long list of aromatic herbs and spices go into rempah, along with a fair bit of elbow grease. Because rempah is such a pain to prepare, and because it’s near impossible to […]

Special Colour Printing – These are the Options

Spot Colours – A Brief IntroductionSpot colours describe printing colours used in addition to the CMYK colour space.  These spot colours can be used to print colours that are outside the four-colour printing space.  From rich Pantone colours to delicate pastel shades to shimmering silver print – at you have the possibility to choose […]

Duvalay | for a better night’s sleep

Who Are Duvalay?Liz and Alan Colleran were troubled by the insomnia and back pain associated with caravanning, where the perfect leisure environment is so often compromised by a frustratingly uncomfortable bed. In 2003, the husband-and-wife team hit upon the idea of an innovative, superior, comfort-enhancing mattress topper that would not only dramatically enhance their lifestyle, […]

Vegan Pizza by V-Izza

Not Just for Veganuary, but for life!With 3 restaurants in London (Croydon, Wandsworth, Wood Green), V-Izza has a simple mission….to change how the universe looks at vegan pizza. With more and more people concerned for their own health and the environment Veganism is a good way to help the cause.  Today we spoke to V-Izza […]