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The digital revolution, as in many industries, had a great impact on the way that printed labels on rolls can be printed and produced. At, our chosen strategy has been to develop our online procurement and production management system in a way that compliments the great evolution of digital label printing in recent years.

A Digital Label Manufacturer

Our business concept follows the “web2press” principle; as an order for printed labels is placed, it is automatically on the desk of our pre-press graphics team and following a pre-flight check, on the machines ready for production. Alongside our digital production we also employ various label finishing and converting methods, a highlight being the ability to provide premium finishes such as custom shapes and hot foil stamping.

We own and operate our complete production facility and employ 30 talented and dedicated team members. We are a label manufacturer that produces labels digitally utilising the industry leading HP Indigo Presses. What does this mean for our customers that choose to print custom labels on rolls with us?

Digital Labels on Rolls; HP Indigo Presses

As with many forms of digital technology, digital label printing is continuing to evolve extremely quickly. As a result brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes are utilising the technology to release shorter runs of more products, experiment with new designs and target specific customers/groups with personalisation and versioning. This page takes a slightly deeper look into some of the benefits and opportunities currently offered from printing digital labels.

In spring 2017, we added to our equipment to include another digital printer – the HP Indigo 6800. With the installation of the new printer from the third generation of the Indigo WS6000 range, we continue to place our trust in the market-leading manufacturer HP for digitally printed roll labels.

The HP Indigo 6800 produces a run of up to 40 metres per minute in seven-colour printing. Automated colour management guarantees outstanding high-resolution print results. With this investment, we can increase the productivity of our label production while retaining the same quality. For this reason, you as a client can expect a diverse product portfolio as well as short production times, thanks to the high print speeds and intelligent automation.

Thanks to the latest technology, the digital printer from HP Indigo in our printing room will ensure high-contour print results, high-colour accuracy and constant quality for impeccable results for your printing jobs and reprinting jobs. The HP ElectroInk colour combines the benefits of electronic and liquid inks. With the HP Indigo, it’s now possible to produce digital print results with the same quality as photographs. Thanks to the modern liquid ink technology, the Indigo delivers gravure print quality. It’s the only digital print machine which has been honoured with the GRACol certificate (certification for proofing). As well as the high quality requirements, the ecological balance sheet of the digital print colours is also very convincing. They can be recycled and fulfil the high requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabelling. Not only this, but barely any printing waste is produced in the course of digital printing, and no chemically-treated printing plates, which are produced at great cost, are required. Engraving-like sharp lines, flowing colour progression and outstanding image quality, even with increasing productivity – that is what distinguishes HP’s Indigo range with innovative LEP technology (Liquid Electro Photographic). has been placing its trust in this guaranteed quality assurance for years.

In digital printing, the print file is sent to the printing machine straight from the computer. Printing plates and films are a thing of the past. Not only does this modernisation save on preparation costs, it also saves on start-up times. Generally, one of the impressive qualities of digital printing is the short print run times. Four-colour printing is used (CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key black) plus additional special colours. One of the special features which can only be implemented in digital printing is that it’s easy and inexpensive to personalise digitally printed labels.

No Printing Plate Costs

Before the digital labels revolution, custom label printing was generally based around conventional printing methods whereby print plates are require to transfer/print your label designs on material. For new brands and marketing teams it can be quite a costly process to get small amounts of new products and tests to market; not to mention the chemicals used along the way. Conventional label printing is by no means an obsolete method of printed labels production, it is best suited to longer production runs. Which leads us nicely onto our next point;

Short to Medium Multi-Versioned Runs

Digital labels do not require the production of printing plates; this makes shorter print runs much more accessible and cost-effective. The ability for brands to print what they want and when they need it is not only more flexible but it also reduces waste material and over all costs. Printing custom labels on rolls digitally means so long as the labels re all the same shape and size more designs and labels can be combined into the same print run – again reducing costs. This is naturally a great advantage for brands and businesses with extensive product ranges.

Flexible Proofing Services

Printing label proofs and samples can now be done for a fraction of the cost of a standard wet proof and in a fraction of the time; it relates back to these print plates again! Digital label printing is allowing a two way conversation to take place between brand owners and label manufacturers like ourselves. The ability to proof ideas and labels both quickly and cost-effectively is creating great value for our customers and allowing them to react quickly to changes in their markets. Read more about our proofing services.

Label Finishing & Converting

Our label manufacturing facility compliments our HP Indigo presses with a number of label converting machines. Custom label manufacturing generally consists of two main processes; the printing and the converting. Label converting generally refers to the cutting of labels on rolls, the removal of the waste material and of course the application of any protective or aesthetic finishes. Read more about label converting here.

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