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What is HP Mosaic?

HP Mosaic is personalisation software based on the HP Smartstream Designer. Simply put, the software automatically generates a potentially unlimited number of unique graphic label designs based on a fixed base pattern. This basic pattern is the central element of the process. HP Mosaic technology uses an algorithm to create designs based on this pattern.


How Does HP Mosaic Work?

The central element of HP Mosaic is the basic pattern. A master file and a vector graphic (the pattern) are merged. The graphic is then varied by rotation. Thus, scaling or colour change to always new patterns. The user can also give the algorithm commands which colours should be retained or exchanged. Individual variations are created and each label becomes unique. In order to achieve the best results, the base file should be as complex and colourful as possible. The more complex the basic pattern, the better and more individual the results. Also, higher runs require a more complex pattern so that as many different variations as possible can be created.

Endless Possibilities Thanks to HP Mosaic

Not so long ago, a printed label was just a means of communicating basic information such as the product name or the legally required product information. Today, labels and packaging are key elements of the marketing mix. With individually printed and personalised labels, it is possible to increase the viewer’s attention and establish a direct, emotional connection to them. Products can become part of storytelling through the addition of images, messages and variable designs and thus become firmly anchored in the minds of consumers. With HP Mosaic, marketing becomes more individual and personal, and therefore also more important for the customer. HP Mosaic makes it possible to experiment with personalised marketing campaigns and thus communicate innovations creatively.

[Source: Henkel AG, Düsseldorf;]

More and more brands and manufacturers are focusing on mass individualisation, including CocaCola with the Diet Coke campaign in Israel or, as can be seen in the picture, Pril and its colourful washing-up liquid bottles with the classic Pril flower (note: this campaign was not printed at Nutella also gave its special edition glasses unique designs in the Nutella Unique campaign. Another example: In collaboration with Heineken, the artist Emily Forgot created unique designs for the beer bottles with the help of HP Mosaic 2000. You see: The possibilities of using HP Mosaic to design the most varied and individual packaging are almost endless.

Mass Customisation with Digital Printing

But this mass individualisation is not only feasible for the “larger” brands. Thanks to digital printing technology, flexible, short print runs with individual and completely variable designs are also possible. The finished labels are produced from a print file within just a few hours – an effective process that is only possible in digital printing because setup times are no longer necessary, as was the case with conventional printing processes. Thanks to digital printing, this mass customisation and personalisation of labels can be realised by almost every brand owner.

What Are the Next Steps?

Have you been inspired by the possibilities of HP Mosaic? Do you already have an idea of how you would like to implement your new label design with this technology? As part of our design service, you can book the creation of labels with designs based on HP Mosaic.

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