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High-Quality Labels for Honey Jars

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High-Quality Honey Labels for Jars

You need high-quality, self-adhesive labels for your honey jars? At, there are no limitations on label size and shape, material, variation and finishing. Your adhesive honey labels are produced using high-quality digital printing exactly to your specifications. Design your individual labels according to your idea. We produce your labels using a four colour printing process and also offer premium finishing touches such as hot foil stamping and film lamination.

Correctly Labelling Your Honey

There are rather strict regulations for the labelling of honeys sold in the UK. Many of these rules are laid down in the Honey (England) Regulations 2015This legislation is however mostly concerned with the correct description of different types of honey and declaration of their place of origin. The UK governments’ website on food standards: labelling and composition offers a section that is purely concerned with honey labels. It also specifies what information needs to be put on the label if your honey was produced in more than one country – also if one or more of those countries are EU member states.

Honey Labels with a Guarantee Seal

Do you need a honey label with a guarantee seal? Labels with a guarantee seal – often also called a closure or seal label – are a guarantee for high quality and freshness of the product. As an alternative to the label with a guarantee seal as a single label, you can also use the option of combining the main front label with a freshness seal in order to have a guarantee seal. Please make sure that the resulting bar is not too narrow so that you do not have any problems with machine labelling or that the bar accidentally tears. We will be happy to send you sample labels on the subject of honey, simply send us your enquiry by email to

Print Multiple Honey Label Designs on The Same Run

Using the Online Calculator you have the possibility to order several varieties of honey labels at once. As long as format and material do not differ, we can produce numerous varieties in one run. Producing multiple varieties at once is more cost-effective for both you and us because we only have to set up the presses once. For example, combine different designs for front and back labels, labels for your organic honey and raw honey, or for your heather honey and new limited edition honey. Especially for small businesses and self-marketers, this combination can quickly pay off.

Test Honey Label Materials

Take a look at our selection of materials and review some of the different finishes you can choose from. Our convenient sample book includes numerous sample labels printed on our standard materials. Convince yourself of our printing quality and be inspired by the different finishes. It’s completely free of charge and we offer it for brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Questions? We are Happy to Help

Whether forest honey, blossom honey, early or summer harvest – we are the label printer for beekeepers! Do you have any questions? No problem. You can always reach us Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m., either by telephone on 0044(0) 2035881080 or by email at We will be happy to advise you!

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Tools & Services

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If you wish to see a press-proof before placing a full custom label order you can book our proofing services.

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Questions? We’re
here to help!

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