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Hot Foil Labels

Have Your Labels Embossed – Brilliant Finishing for Your Products

Your Advantages with

  • exclusive look
  • beautiful contrasts
  • additional brilliance
  • high colour intensity
  • effective eye-catcher
  • add delicate details
  • freely choose shape and colour
  • high resistance against humidity and warmth
  • free delivery in the UK and EU


Applications with Hot Foil

Emphasise Texts, Areas and Image Contours

Roll labels with hot foil stamping are particularly popular for standing out from the competition and drawing the customer’s attention to your own product.

Embossed labels are often found in the winechampagnespirits or cosmetics industry and on high-quality food products. Hot foil stamping gives your labels a special surface texture that refracts light. It can also be combined with numerous other finishes, such as an enhancing film lamination or protective varnish. Make sure your products leave an individual, exclusive and unmistakable impression.

You have your labels embossed with hot foil in different colours. There is also the option of ‘multiple hot foil stamping’. This means that can combine several foils to achieve special effects, instead of choosing just one.

hot foil: gold and black

How Does it Work?

When labels are embossed with hot foil, an extremely thin foil is transferred onto the surface of the label in the desired places. These coloured or metallic foils are embossed onto the label using special embossing tools and heat. Labels of this type are often called embossed labels, but hot foil labels as well as labels with foil embossing are also common names. Almost all of our papers and foils are suitable for this effective type of finishing, regardless of whether they are untreated, film-laminated or coated. Thanks to hot foil stamping, sophisticated details can be realised in a particularly elegant and filigree way, creating both visual and haptic contrasts. This eye-catcher is available in a wide variety of versions – there are no limits to your creativity:

  • metallic or transparent
  • matt or glossy
  • in gold or silver
  • in copper, bronze or rose gold optics
  • in black, red, blue, green or mint green
hot foil: copper

Please note: Hot foil stamping uses a special tool. Therefore, there may be slight fluctuations in embossing due to production, which in turn may result in the foil not being 100% in the desired position. Furthermore, large-area hot foil stamping with filigree cut-outs can lead to undesired effects such as run-ins or tear-outs in the foil, depending on the material.  Please discuss your request with our customer service. We will advise you on your options, either by telephone or by email. We also recommend that you use our proof print to make sure that your label looks as planned.

Metallic Labels

Hot foil stamping is not the only way to create a special, metallic effect. At, you also have the option of printing your labels on metallic paper or with silver-coloured electric ink. This way you make your label a real eye-catcher. Learn more about our metallic labels. You are also welcome to ask our customer service for our sample book with ready-made label examples – especially in metallic look – and check out the different methods.

Protective Varnish

Another finishing option is our protective varnish in matt or gloss. This not only gives your label a higher quality or more eye-catching finish, but also protects it from abrasion. Read more about our protective varnish.

What's Next?

You can find more information about our finishing options on our overview page. In order to achieve a harmoniously coordinated printing image, you are also welcome to download our information sheet on the delivery of printable graphic data. This way you can be sure that your labels will look as planned. Of course, you can also use our proof print. If you would like to order your labels directly via our calculator, you can enter your print run size right there as well as the various print motifs, the size of your labels in width x height (mm) and your desired material and finishes. If you cannot find what you need in the calculator, please contact us. Our portfolio covers countless other materials and possibilities.

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If you have questions about the technical aspects of creating correct printing files, take a look at our tutorials. We have composed a collection of videos, texts and images that explain in detail how to create printing data. 

In order to review and test our materials & print quality most comprehensively, we recommend requesting a complimentary sample book in addition to viewing the list of our standard materials online.


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