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Alkali-Soluble Labels

Removable Labels with Alkaline-Soluble Adhesive

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What Are Caustic-Soluble Labels?

Alkali-soluble labels, also known as caustic-soluble labels, or alkaline-soluble labels, can be removed from the product without leaving any residue*. However, to ensure that the alkali-soluble adhesive can be completely removed again, a few aspects must be taken into account:

1. Proportion of Ink, Protective Varnish and Hot Foil Stamping

Components such as hot foil stamping, varnish or printing ink seal the label’s surface and make it difficult for the caustic solution to penetrate the paper’s fibres to dissolve the adhesive. The primer that is necessary for the printing ink also seals the surface of the material. So, the higher the proportion of components on the caustic-soluble label, the harder it will be to detach. Please note: Self-adhesive caustic-soluble labels, must do without varnish or film lamination. Furthermore, it is advisable to screen out the fonts and not to incorporate large hot foil stamping areas in your design.

2. Bottle Rinsing/Lye Bath

The lye bath you use to remove the caustic-soluble labels must have a lye percentage of at least 1.2-1.5 to guarantee a residue free removal. The bath’s temperature should ideally be +80°C. A higher percentage of lye or higher water temperatures will interfere with the removal process. Leave the caustic-soluble labels in the lye bath for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Unprinted labels with alkaline-soluble adhesive may already peel off after only one minute. The properties of the caustic-soluble label’s paper as well as the above-mentioned treatments of the surface can influence and possibly extend the peeling time.

3. Storage of Used Glass

Proper storage is a prerequisite for the removal of caustic-soluble labels from used glass. Optimal storage is ensured in a dry area protected from effects of the weather. Rain, for example, can cause the adhesive to dissolve and then dry, resulting in permanent adhesion. Basically, the longer the empty containers are stored, the more difficult it is to remove the caustic-soluble labels later. If stored properly, guarantees optimal adhesion for about 12 months after production. However, due to the different influencing factors and material properties, we cannot give a guarantee for removability.

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* cannot guarantee that the labels will be removed without leaving any residue. The above-mentioned factors as well as environmental influences can strongly affect the removability of the labels.

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