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Custom Printed Labels with Barcodes

At we can print a range of barcodes and QR codes as standard on your roll labels, product labels and promotional stickers. Barcodes can be sent to us either directly as part of your artwork or as a separate table. For your labels with barcodes we have numerous papers and films as well as various adhesives with different properties at our disposal – permanent adhesive, removable (without residue), washable, & freezer-grade.

In the case of consecutive numbering of your barcode labels, it is sufficient to give us the number range. In the case of irregular numbering, please send us a table with the corresponding data. Barcode labels, whether with EAN 13, Code 128, Code 39 or QR codes, are no problem for us thanks to digital label printing technologies.

What is a Barcode?

A barcode is a machine-readable collection of data.  Barcodes are usually used to describe the details of your product. If a barcode is not printed correctly, it cannot be scanned automatically. This can lead to difficulties and high trade costs.  An ideal barcode label is therefore one that represents the data correctly, is printed in the correct size and shape and is machine readable without problems!

Different types of barcodes:

  • GTIN
  • EAN 13
  • EAN 5
  • GS1-128
  • QR Code
  • GS1 Datamatrix

Where Do You Register for Barcodes?

Generally, if you distribute a product, then you need barcodes on your labels.  However, many online retailers also require that the products have unique barcodes.

A barcode is simply the visual representation of a unique numeric trade code.  You need to tell us your unique trade code and we can then easily create your barcodes and print them on your labels.  You need a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) from GS1 UK. The GTIN consists of base number, individual number and check digit.  New companies can register here for their retail barcodes,

Can Print Multi-Coloured Barcode Labels?

In short, yes, but we do not recommend it to you! Barcode labels require as much contrast as possible to make them easier to read. A black barcode on a white background is the most proven combination. Generally it can be said that the background of the barcode should be very bright, but not metallically reflective, and the bars should be dark and rich in contrast compared to the chosen background. Please also note that you should place light zones around the barcode and leave a safety distance of at least 8 mm from the edge.  Read all details about size, colour and placement of your barcode here: GS1 UK

Barcode Label FAQs

We generally recommend a minimum width of 32mm and a height of 20mm. Please keep in mind, space/quiet zone should also be allowed for around the barcode.

Sequential, consecutive numbering is possible. Simply send us your .csv file and we’ll do the rest.

Tools & Resources

In order to review and test our materials & print quality most comprehensively, we recommend requesting a complimentary Sample Book.

Ensure that your label artwork files are print-ready; download our data delivery guide.

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