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Barcode Labels

Barcode Labelling

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Custom Printed Labels with Barcodes

At we are able print a range of barcodes and QR Codes as standard on your product labels and promotional stickers. Barcodes can be either supplied as a part of your label artwork or as a separate spreadsheet. Read on to find out more about barcode labels.

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Barcode Labels' An Overview

Can generate barcode labels for new products?

A barcode is simply a visual representation of a unique, numerical retail code. You would need to supply us with your unique retail code and we can then generate your barcodes with ease. New businesses can register for their retail barcode numbers here (

Can label/ print multi-coloured barcode labels?

In short, yes, but we do not recommend it! Barcode labels require as much contrast as possible to aid readability. A black barcode set onto a white background is by far the most recommended design.

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