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A Guide to: Honey Jars and Labels


Different Shapes and Different Sizes

Honey jars come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Big, small, round, hexagonal, or even in the shape of a bear. Consequentially, the labels you put on those jars can have varying shapes and sizes too. It is important to get the right size label for your honey jars because not only does that ensure a correct display of the necessary information, but it also guarantees a clean look.

Which jar you use for your honey is entirely up to you. The decision depends on a variety of factors:

  • your personal taste and preferences
  • the amount of honey
  • the market you operate in
  • your target audience


… to name only a few. If you want to decide which type of jar is the right one for your needs, it is essential to know which ones you can choose from in the first place. That is the first step towards the perfect display of your precious honey.

Common Types of Jars

There are a number of different shapes and sizes of honey jars. Some of them are very common and some are quite exotic. Let us introduce you to a selection of shapes:

The classic round jar:

Arguably the most common type of honey jar is the round one. It offers a traditional, familiar look, is easily filled and convinces with its uncomplicated overall handling. This type of packaging gives your honey a classic appearance. Because of its long tradition in the honey business, customers will recognise this shape and be left with no doubt as to the nature of the product in front of them.

The hexagonal jar:

Similar to the round jar, a hexagonal shape has a long tradition in the honey industry. These jars are easy to handle because they offer a great “grip” and a certain sturdiness thanks to the nature of their shape. Use this jar to showcase the traditional values of your high-quality honey.


The classic queenline jar:

This elegant shape is the perfect tool for those who want to present their honey in a traditional, yet sophisticated manner. In contrast to the others, you can get this particular shape of jar in both glass and plastic. Because glass gives your honey a premium look, it is a more popular choice for high-quality honeys.


For adventurous beekeepers:

For those among you who like things a little more extraordinary, special shapes such as the bear might be worth considering. It is definitely a show-stopper because with its unusual appearance it might just gain you an advantage at the point of sale. To be fair, filling and extracting the honey are a little more of challenge with jars like this. However, courageous decisions often pay off, so why not give it a try!


The Right Label for Your Honey Jar

Due to the different dimension and shapes of honey jars, you need to pay attention to the type of label you choose to put on it. Depending on the form and volume of the jar, there are labels that are more suitable for your honey and those that are less so. We want to introduce you to some of them:

Rectangular labels:

Rectangular labels can come in varying shapes and dimensions. Due to their versatility, they are one of the most common forms of labels for jars. And the wrap-around label is especially popular. Thanks to their shape, these labels can be wrapped around the jar like a banderole. Thus, they can function as both front and back label, all in one. Rectangular wrap-around labels are most suitable for application on round jars but can also be put on hexagonal ones.

The rectangular wrap-around label also comes with a tamper-proof seal. These labels are an especially popular choice because they are a great means to convey your honey’s quality and integrity to the customer. The most common application of such labels is on round jars, though they are applied to hexagonal jars as well.

Rectangular labels do not have to be wrap-arounds, though. When they are used on hexagonal jars, the labels are usually differently proportioned than their warp-around counterparts. The wrap-around variety is not as popular for hexagonal jars because neatly applying the labels to them by hand can be quite tricky. Therefore, rectangular labels for hexagonal honey jars are often shaped as shown in the image on the right. However, this shape is also suitable for round jars and even for special forms such as the bear.

Oval labels:

Similar to rectangular labels, oval labels can also be designed in different variations. So-called wide oval labels (see image) are suitable for round honey jars. They offer unique opportunities for your honey labels‘ appearance. For example, you can integrate the shape in your design. There are no limits to your creativity.

So-called tall oval labels, do not differ much from their wide counterparts in terms of dimensions. The placement on the jar – horizontally vs. vertically – is what mostly sets them apart. The two variations are suitable for different sizes of round jars. Where the wide variation scores with smaller jars, the tall one offers more benefits for – you guessed it – jars with taller measurements.

Hexagonal labels:

Contrary to what their name suggests, these kinds of labels are mostly used on round honey jars. In fact, they are only suitable for application on jars that can contain 18oz (500g)  of content or more. Despite the restricted area of possible uses, these labels should not be dismissed. Their hexagonal shape can act as a distinguishing element in your product design. Since the shape is reminiscent of a honeycomb, it invites you to play with the connection between form and content.

A variety of the hexagonal label includes a tamper-proof seal. These seals are often used for products such as honey or jam, to give the consumer a form of guarantee for their integrity. Again, these labels are mostly suitable for round jars because of their unconventional shape but they offer the same benefits as their non-tamper-proof counterparts.


Ovoid labels:

Due to their particular shape, ovoid labels are used on classic queenline jars. The labels’ form effortlessly compliments that of the jars. Together they form a harmonious packaging symphony, creating an appealing look for your honey.

Like hexagonal labels, this shape is also available as a tamper-proof seal. The seal makes sure that your queenline jar is not only visually appealing but also guarantees quality and freshness to your customers. Therefore, ovoid tamper-proof labels are the prefect combination of eye-catching and practical.

Lid labels:

In some cases it makes sense to put an extra lid label on your honey jars. You can combine a lid label with rectangular, hexagonal, ovoid, or basically any shape labels you like. They are thus suitable for application on all kinds of jars. You can use them to display small, complimentary design elements or your company’s logo.

The lid label is particularly often combined with a tamper-proof seal. Just like the “normal” lid label, the tamper-proof variation can be used as an addition to other kinds of labels. They offer additional space for design elements and guarantee untampered quality to your customers.

Information Is Key

As you can see, choosing the right jar as well as the perfect label for your honey is a complex matter. Therefore, you should gather all necessary information to make an informed decision, before you dive into this exciting endeavour.


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