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Types of Labels

Front Label, Seal Label, Banderole – We Explain the Differences

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The Labels’ Shapes – Use by Product

Which label is used depends primarily on the product to be labelled. The following factors play a role:

  • industry
  • field of application
  • quality features
  • information on the label
  • optics

For example, so-called seal labels are often used for foodstuffs such as honey or jams, while almost no champagne bottle is sent on sale without a neck ribbon. A product can of course also bear several of the following labels.

Please Note: assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information on the label. Please check the mandatory information applicable to your product in each case.

An Overview of the Label Types:

Front Label

The front label, also called the main label, is applied to the front of a product. It usually only contains design elements such as the logo, product name or a slogan. The front label is often the customer’s first point of contact with the product at hand and therefore, decides whether a product is purchased or not. Thus, the aim of the front label is to attract attention through an appealing design and to convince the customer of the content’s quality so that the product ends up in their shopping cart.




Back Label

The back label, which is attached to the back of the product, usually contains further information on the contents, ingredients, manufacturer or even a barcode. The back label therefore primarily serves practical purposes and delivers information. The customers can reassure themselves by looking at the back of the product: Does the first impression I got from the appealing front label match the contents? Does the overall image convince me? Do I want to buy this product?

Our tip: Produce the front and back label in one production step, as a so-called alternating label.



Seal Label

The seal label, also called freshness seal or guarantee seal label, is a combination of a front label and a lid label that are connected by a freshness seal or bar. Seal labels are mainly used in the food industry and for products where freshness and absolute integrity have top priority. The seal label thus stands for freshness and quality and offers sufficient space for both visual design elements and important product information.



Neck Loop

Neck loops are mainly found in the beverage industry, especially for wine, spirits or sparkling wine. The neck ribbon is a complementary element to the front label, primarily serves visual appeal, and thus rounds off the overall image of the product.






Banderoles run once around the product and thus usually enclose it completely or at least for the most part. This label shape is used particularly often for can labels or bottles. The banderole offers a lot of space for design and information and thus acts like a banner for your product.




Other Shapes

You want a very special shape or a combination of several of the above-mentioned shapes? We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities and limits and find the ideal solution for your product together with you. Contact us! Call us at 0 203 588 1080 or write an email to




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