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Food Labelling Requirements 101

There are currently whole rafts of UK (and EU) laws that concern how food that is to be sold in the UK must be packaged and labelled. As we custom-print/produce/manufacture bespoke product labels for food and drink (among other products), this is of course something that we follow closely. This guide will help you understand […]

Printed Labels & Packaging as a Marketing Tool

printed labels on rolls_loving_foods Even small businesses spend thousands of pounds on marketing and brand identity. However, all too many of them overlook one of the most effective (and least expensive) marketing tools of all, simple shelf appeal. Presenting your product in the right way – making good packaging choices and using high quality printed labels – tells potential […]

The Small Business’ Guide to Pre-Product Development

As a leading supplier of printed labels on rolls and custom product label printing in general, we work with a great many small businesses, start-ups and eager young entrepreneurs. Of course, that means that new product development is dear to many of our customers’ hearts. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short guide […]

Case Study: Hop Stuff Brewery

Hop Stuff Banner About Hop Stuff Brewery Hop Stuff Brewery began in September of 2013, rooted in Woolwich Arsenal – a rapidly developing area of London with Hop Stuff Brewery in the centre of it all. Embracing their neighbourhood’s military history, Hop Stuff designed their logo accordingly. Hop Stuff has a no-nonsense attitude to brewing beer, keeping the […]

Case Study: King Bloom Cocktails

KingBloomBanner About King Bloom Cocktails King Bloom Cocktails has made a splash in the pre-mixed cocktail industry with its range of cocktails served in jam jars and has found success in leveraging digital printing and taking advantage of its personalisation opportunities. Their original, ready-to-drink cocktails have gone through extensive shaking and tasting trials with their own mixologists in […]

Case Study: soap N skin

Banner soapNskin (1) Multi-Variate Runs & Labels For Cosmetic Bottles & Jars About soap N skin soapNskin was started by lifelong friends Samar and Rabia out of their frustration over expensive and heavily marketed beauty products failing to deliver their promises. They researched with botanical extracts, natural bases, butters and essential oils to create various creams, soaps and shampoos. And, […]

Case Study: Hunt & Stride

Hunt & Stride Banner About Hunt & Stride Hunt & Stride produce handcrafted, small-batch cured beef biltong with grass-feed meat sourced from local British farms. Using only organic spices, vinegar and traditional South African dry-curing methods, the Hackney based company caters to the growing demand for all natural, locally produced, protein rich food. No additives, no preservatives, no MSG, no nitrates, and […]