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The History of the Label | Part 2

Label Showcase In Part 1 we learned how the label developed from the Egyptians' roll seal to the pendant used by the Romans. In this post we look at the development from the Middle Ages onwards. Here an invention had a decisive influence on our label today: letterpress printing.

The History of the Label | Part 1

Cylinder Seal of the Uruk period The term label has its origin in the old French word estiquette, which comes from estequier/estequer and means to attach, append or little note.

Can I order different label designs in one order?

Coffee Pouch Labels At you can order several designs in one order. The prerequisite is that all designs have the same format, size, material and finish: When you order via the online calculator, first enter the total quantity of your labels. Then you can specify how many different designs should be printed.

Lucid Hemp | CBD Oil Pure and Simple

Hemp bottle splashing CBD Pruducts – the FactsRecent changes in the law have led to a variety of CBD based products flooding into our lives.   With so many products and companies involved, and the fact that CBD is a cannabis-based product with minimal regulation, it can be pretty confusing for any consumer.   At online retailer, Lucid […]

Helping the Environment,
one step at a time

Cardboard being shredded does not now shrink-wrap label rollsEver since the #FridaysForFuture movement it has been clear to everyone: we must take a closer look at the issue of environmental protection and become more active. Businesses also have a duty. The online label printing company is now making a contribution to protecting the environment and in […]

Rolls vs A4 Sheets

A4 sheet with roll image Which variant is suitable for my application?At you have the choice between producing your labels on a roll or on A4 sheets. Both production methods have their advantages and disadvantages and are suitable for different areas of application. We will explain which production method is suitable for your labels. The first big difference is […]

Hologram Foil,
No Star Trek Technology

Hologram Foil Types How Holograms are used in Label PrintingIn the classical, physical sense, a hologram is a three-dimensional projection of an object. The depicted object seems to float in space. Until now, holograms were rather known from science fiction series’, but now they have arrived in a certain way in label printing. The hologram foil does not […]