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RGB versus CMYK

RGB Circles vs CMYK Circles Colours that are created in RGB cannot be printed. They are automatically converted into CMYK before the printing process. It can happen that the colour result is distorted.

Sample Book – Why Order One?

Sample Book Image Whether you are looking for a new label printing company or want a new material for a product line, our sample book offers the opportunity to put our quality and materials through their paces!

Hot Foil | 5 – No-Gos

Hot Foil No Gos 5 No-Gos For Hot Foil Use#1 Line thickness too thin – You should avoid lines and fonts that are too thin. We recommend a minimum line width of 0.2 mm. Otherwise it is not guaranteed that the filigree elements are embossed cleanly and show to best advantage. #2 Areas that are too large – If […]

Wholly Gelato | Transparent Labels |

great taste award winner milk Who are Wholly Gelato/Wholly Milk? Jim Hobbs (Jerry’s the Farmer’s dad) came to the tenanted farm on the Elmore estate from Tetbury in 1970 with a handful of Friesians, from which Jim and Jerry slowly grew and cultivated the now, 180-strong herd that is seen today – a family of different colours, breeds, sizes and […]

Enrichd Foods for the Living! |
Enrichd Superfoods |

Who are Enrichd Superfoods? Enrichd Foods for the living! A decade+ of research, writing and sourcing the finest foods and ingredients! They select “At least Organic” often wild foods! This is where you come when you want to go a little bit deeper on your health and fitness journey.  They provide, Teas, Proteins, Cacao, Mushroom […]

Award-Winning Pocketful of Stones |
Embossed Labels | Hot Foil Labels

Dr Squid Bottle label Who are Pocketful of Stones?The team (Shaun Bebington, Balazs Schieber, Paul Motley and Mike Cunliffe) all worked and lived together in bars in central London. They learned lots about spirits and fell in love with their rich history.  Abandoning the crowds of London for the wilds of Cornwall, they are now pouring all that experience […]

Kombucha Bottle Labels | Kombucha Shack

Kombucha Shack needed to research everything to do with selling this product so headed to the ‘Kombucha Summit 2019’ in Berlin, Germany. ”I first discovered  at the first Kombucha Summit. I picked up a bunch of samples at the summit and I was also sent a full booklet of Kombucha Bottle Label samples to my address”