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Plus Materials | The Strength
in your Product Label

What Additional Elements do you need in your Label?

When deciding for or against a material, the adhesive strength of a label has to be decided on in addition to its appearance and feel.

Depending on the industry, special requirements may also placed on the label, such as, but not limited to:

#1 Resistance to moisture and oil or

#2 Reliable adhesion even at low temperatures. has the ideal solution for (almost) all of these requirements.

This is where our Plus Materials Range comes in

What makes the label special?  There is a special layer included.  A PET reinforcement between the adhesive layer and face material. This then minimizes the risk of wrinkling and improves performance in wet conditions. Which makes them ideal for wine & spirit bottles, delicacies, health products and other items that are chilled or to be presented in ice buckets.



Which Materials Come in Plus Varieties?

We currently have the following materials available as a Plus Variety:

  • Paper matt white smooth 125g (Matt Wine)
  • Paper matt white with light structure 125g (Rustique Blanc)
  • Paper Premium matt white 121g (Sable Blanc)
  • Natural paper with structure white 125g (Verge Blanc)
  • Mother-of-pearl paper with structure 125g (Frozen Orion)
  • Mother-of-pearl paper smooth 113g (HG Wine Pearl)


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