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Enrichd Foods for the Living! |
Enrichd Superfoods |

Who are Enrichd Superfoods? Enrichd Foods for the living! A decade+ of research, writing and sourcing the finest foods and ingredients! They select “At least Organic” often wild foods! This is where you come when you want to go a little bit deeper on your health and fitness journey.  They provide, Teas, Proteins, Cacao, Mushroom […]

Award-Winning Pocketful of Stones |
Embossed Labels | Hot Foil Labels

Dr Squid Bottle label Who are Pocketful of Stones?The team (Shaun Bebington, Balazs Schieber, Paul Motley and Mike Cunliffe) all worked and lived together in bars in central London. They learned lots about spirits and fell in love with their rich history.  Abandoning the crowds of London for the wilds of Cornwall, they are now pouring all that experience […]

Kombucha Bottle Labels | Kombucha Shack

Kombucha Shack needed to research everything to do with selling this product so headed to the ‘Kombucha Summit 2019’ in Berlin, Germany. ”I first discovered  at the first Kombucha Summit. I picked up a bunch of samples at the summit and I was also sent a full booklet of Kombucha Bottle Label samples to my address” 

Dog Shampoo | How to select the
right product for your furry friend

Wet dog in towel with rubber ducks Dogs who are bathed using human shampoos, may have clean, nice-smelling fur, but can end up developing problems like itchiness, dandruff  and increased susceptibility to infection. The reason for this is that dogs’ skin has a different pH level from that of humans that ranges around 5.5 -7.2 compared to humans at around 4.7-5.75.  So they need shampoos that can help take care of lice and parasites, as well as not contain the foaming chemicals found in human shampoos.

Pulse CBD | Quality CBD for You and Your Pet

Pulse CBD is a UK based family run business which started on the back of the benefits that they all experienced while using CBD. From their oldest family member who struggled to switch off at night right down to their 4 year old Cavachon that got anxious around other dogs. CBD was a life changer for everyone so as a family they knew they needed to spread the message of CBD and make it accessible to all.

Newgate Labs | Striving to use 100% Natural Ingredients

Bringing essential, high-quality, unique healthcare products to as many people as possible combining cutting-edge science, technical knowledge and talented staff with a relentless desire for innovation.

Rainbow Gin | A Product that Stands out on the Shelf

Rainbow Gin gave Roger the opportunity to design something eye-catching and colourful, something that would stand out on the shelf.