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Newgate Labs | Striving to use 100% Natural Ingredients

Bringing essential, high-quality, unique healthcare products to as many people as possible combining cutting-edge science, technical knowledge and talented staff with a relentless desire for innovation.

Rainbow Gin | A Product that Stands out on the Shelf

Rainbow Gin gave Roger the opportunity to design something eye-catching and colourful, something that would stand out on the shelf.

Shlizzy | Welsh Fruity Booze

Shlizzy combines quality spirits with their homegrown fruit to produce their fabulous fruit liqueurs.  The products you will find in the shop are all gin based liqueurs, but given enough notice, larger orders can be made using whatever base spirit you’d like. 

The Quest for the Perfect Spritz | Wilfred’s Drinks

“We needed a label producer that delivered extremely high quality labels that would help showcase the quality of our premium non-alcoholic aperitif, and make the bottle really stand out. “ Comments Chris

Is Your Artwork Print Ready?

print file example We'd like to make your ordering process as easy as possible, so we've put together a set of guidelines for getting you artwork files print ready!

What is the Purpose of Film Lamination?

Film lamination is an additional finishing process in which a plastic film is pulled over the label. The dirt and moisture-repellent film additionally protects the label from abrasion.

Plus Materials | The Strength
in your Product Label

blog-plus-materialien When deciding for or against a material, the adhesive strength of a label has to be decided on in addition to its appearance and feel. Depending on the industry, special requirements may also placed on the label.