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A New Trend: Wine in Cans

Perfect for a picnic or festival, to test wines without committing to an entire bottle, or to have the equivalent of a glass or two without worrying about finishing the rest of the bottle. Wine in a can is definitely trending because of its convenience. 

Already big in the US, wine cans have been making their way into the UK market since 2016. Since then they have steadily gained popularity. A growing market means growing competition. Time to set yourself apart from your competitors. 

Sustainable & Recyclable

What is sustainability? According to the Cambridge Dictionary:

Causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time

To support sustainability is not only important for the planet but also to better connect with consumers. Did you know that every year around 9.591 billion aluminium drink cans are produced in the UK, 75% of which are recycled. 

Recycling aluminium wine cans saves energy and natural resources, and also reduces the pressure on landfill sites.

Aluminium cans that are recycled in the UK are melted down and turned into ingots of aluminium, which are used to make new cans. This is called closed loop recycling, because old cans go in and metal to make new cans comes out. A used can, if recycled, could be back on the shelf as another can in just 60 days! (Source)

Wine cans are also significantly lighter than glass bottles, meaning reduced fuel usage. This means that once they’re in circulation, experts argue it’s easier and more energy efficient to recycle aluminium than glass. All-in-all, recycling a can uses 90% less energy than recycling a glass bottle

Wine Can Labels

Custom printing wine can labels on rolls is an extremely cost-effective method of branding your beverages. Printing directly onto cans via a method called screen printing is generally rather expensive for short runs; digital label printing offers a flexible solution.

Through digital printing we can produce your labels CO2-reduced and without using chemically treated printing plates. As the printing machine does not require long lead times, it only runs when it actually produces.

Polypropylene (PP) Can Labels

Polypropylene is a waterproof, polymeric material that is synonymous with the beverage industry. Polypropylene is available as a white, silver or transparent film; all suitable for printing high-quality wine can labels. White PP film is suitable for full colour, high-impact print and graphics. Both the silver and transparent materials can be used to create a “no-label” look. These materials can be utilised to simulate the aforementioned screen-printing technology. So, not only is canned wine a convenient alternative to traditional glass bottles, but the labels can be just as creative and vibrant as conventional wine labels

To achieve vibrant printing, we also have the ability to print white, opaque ink on the labels as an undercoat, given that it is in included in your printing file. 


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Tools and Services

If you have questions about the technical aspects of creating correct printing files, take a look at our tutorials. We have composed a collection of videos, texts and images that explain in detail how to create printing data. 

In order to review and test our materials & print quality most comprehensively, we recommend requesting a complimentary sample book in addition to viewing the list of our standard materials online.

You still have no idea what your label should look like? Your label or logo needs fresh colour or a re-design? Then we have the solution!

Our design service offers you the possibility to have a great label designed at a fixed price and according to your wishes.

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