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Wine in the UK: A Closer Look

The Industry is Growing

It is fair to say that recently the UK has become a wine-producing nation. Over the past ten years, the number of acres planted with UK grapevines has more than doubled. Most planting is done in the warmer and drier regions, especially in the Southeast, such as Kent, Sussex, Essex and Hampshire. Additionally, the industry itself has quadrupled since the beginning of the millennium, indicating that both supply and demand are increasing steadily. So, has taken a look at current trends and recent developments and summarised the most important information for you in this blog piece.


Britain's Favourites

Sparkling wines are by far the most popular types of wine consumed and produced in the UK. A special favourite is Champagne. The celebratory nature of the fizzy drink makes it a go-to at festive events. Nothing says celebration like a popping cork! But the classic is facing serious competition, as regionally produced sparkling wines are also gaining interest. Their excellent quality and craftsmanship appeal to consumers all over the UK – and beyond. Wine drinkers outside of the United Kingdom are learning to appreciate the country’s wines more and more.

E-commerce makes selling your products abroad easier than ever before. This opens gateways to all sorts of markets for UK wine producers, looking to export their products. However, although exporting goods is made simple via digital platforms, legal requirements for exporting outside the UK must still be considered. For example, while regulations for wine labelling in the UK were loosened at the beginning of the year, quite the opposite is true for labelling wine in the EU. Since the 8th of December 2023, wine labels are required to contain information such as nutrients, allergens and energy content. These can be provided either in a table or using a QR code (E-Labels).

The Newcomers

Classics such as Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc are still highly in demand. However, many people are willing to experiment. Thanks to this moving away from traditional consumer trends, some red wine brands as well as English still wines are up and coming. New technologies and warmer weather also contribute to this development. Another change in consumer behaviour can be detected in younger audiences. They want different things from their wine than older generations might. While traditional drinkers focus on aspects such as place of origin and prestige, young ones value authenticity, innovation and sustainability most. Thus develops an increasing demand for organic and natural wines. Furthermore, creativity in terms of flavours, manufacturing and marketing can give your products an edge. Many people are ready to try something new if it is priced attractively and pleasing to the eye. We can help you with the latter: Design Service

The Right Packaging

Just as there are new trends in terms of content, the wine industry also sees fresh developments when it comes to packaging. Though wine is still mostly sold in conventional bottles, drinking wine from cans is becoming more popular. Fascinatingly, canned wine is not even a contemporary phenomenon. The first wine is said to have been sold in cans as early as 1936. However, the immense growth in popularity is indeed a recent development. One of the top reasons for consumers to prefer their wine in cans is convenience:

#1 The easy-to-open tab renders a corkscrew superfluous,

#2 They are pocket-sized and can easily fit in a bag

#3 Perfect for out-of-home consumption

Now, there are two ways you can make your canned wine’s design stand out from the competition: printing directly onto the can or using a label. With the help of so-called screen printing, you can print your design onto a can without any means of mediation. This technique is usually quite expensive, especially for small product quantities. In these cases,  having labels printed for your wine cans is more cost-effective. Especially with digital printing technology, all kinds of quantities are feasible at reasonable prices, and the designs can be just as innovative, creative and intricate.

Wine Can Labels

Wine Labels from

Of course, we do not only print labels for canned wine, but we are actually proficient in printing exquisite labels for wine bottles. Finishing techniques such as hot foil stamping and relief embossing are among our everyday business. We specialise in printing product labels and are dedicated to delivering high-quality results!

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