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Printed Labels; An Overview

If you are a part of a business that requires printed labels on regular or semi-regular basis then we believe that you’re in the right place; it’s our mission to enable companies such as yours to price-up, order and track their custom labels requirements as easily and as transparently as possible.

How are Printed Labels Produced?

Printed labels can either be produced on rolls or on sheets. As a B2B label printing company we concentrate solely on custom printed labels on rolls as our customers either generally require the quantities associated with printed roll labels (from 1000 pieces and up) or they are required on rolls to be used in a commercial environment by machines or packing teams. Read more about adhesive labels and sheet production here; generally appropriate for smaller quantities of labels that will be hand-applied.

What are Printed Labels used For?

Come to think of it, it would be an achievement if, for one day next week, you were not to see a printed label at all. Printed labels are everywhere and of course they are printed for many different end-users that require them for many different reasons.
In the commercial world, printed labels on rolls are used as product and packaging labels. They are applied to both our favourite and least favourite products with a view to entice us in via either brand affinity or simply fantastic printed label designs.
Printed labels may also be known as printed stickers. Printed stickers on rolls are generally used by businesses and brands alike for promotional means; price flash stickers, award stickers and the like.
Technical labelling is used heavily in the logistic and product warehousing industries. Essentially printed labels that are used to help track products on their journey from initial production to the end user.
As a trusted and experienced printed label manufacturer we are still excited to see the many different ways that both our existing and new customers use our printed labels on rolls for their own businesses.

How are Printed Labels Applied?

Generally speaking the printed labels on rolls that our label printing company produces are applied to packaging via a label application machine. The idea here is that these machines can apply labels much quicker and much more cleanly and accurately than a team of manual packers; this is particularly common for bottle labels and packaging labels. That being said, our printed labels are easily peeled from the roll and applied manually where it is more suitable. Our roll label configurations page is a useful read.

How do I Order Printed Labels for my Business?

Our website aims to help provide you with some of the basic information to help you answer initial questions about your printed labels. Additional resources such as our Sample Book and Online Calculator offer the opportunity to review our materials and quality as well as our pricing. Essentially we want you to be able to research your printed labels as thoroughly as possible and help you make good business decisions. Our Customer Service team here to chat through technicalities and the ordering process where needed. Do get in touch!

Printed Labels Summary:

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