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Labels in All Forms and Colours

Self-Adhesive Labels and Wet Glue Labels

At you can choose between adhesive labels on rolls, adhesive labels on A4 sheets and classic wet glue labels. Our labels are used in a wide variety of sectors and industries by very different companies.

On this page we give you an overview of our products, some of the biggest industries and areas of application. Feel free to browse and get an idea of our portfolio!

Adhesive Labels on Rolls

Adhesive roll labels are the core business of our online print shop. We focus on fast production in the highest quality. The self-adhesive labels can be produced with various finishing options such as hot foil. Our labels can be peeled off the backing tape, are self-adhesive and also suitable for machine processing. Learn more…

Wet Glue Labels

Some people also use the term paper labels for this type of label. These labels are not self-adhesive. The glue is applied to the label by the customer during the labelling process. Wet glue labels are often used for beer and water labels. Wet-glue labels can be produced inexpensively in large quantities. Learn more…

Labels for Different Industries

Labels are applied to all kinds of products. Take a look at a couple of examples, such as transparent film labels with opaque white for cosmetics products, or natural papers with hot foil for wine labels. Get some inspiration for the perfect labels your industry. Learn more…

Examples for Applications

Our labels can be used for various applications: Whether it is a tamper proof seal label or something more general such as a bottle label. In this category we explain the different areas of application. Learn more…