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Fluorescent Labels – a Very Special Eye-Catcher

Fluorescent labels, or rather fluorescent inks, have unique properties that are not visible at first glance. In daylight you can hardly make them out, but under UV or black light they unfold their full brilliance. In discotheques, bars, on dance floors where black light is often used, fluorescent labels work particularly well and are a real eye-catcher. They are therefore often used as bottle labels for trendy drinks such as craft beer, ready-to-drink mixed drinks, trendy spirits or also as can labels to increase the advertising effect for the respective product.

How Does the Effect Work

Unlike noctilucent inks, UV inks do not store light. They showcase their colour strength only under black light and can thus provide special visual stimuli. This effect is caused by a special chemical composition of the corresponding printing varnish. UV inks and varnishes are less suitable for outdoor applications because they quickly lose their light resistance. However, they are ideal for implementation on glowing labels across a wide variety of products because they are excellent attention grabbers.

Fluorescent Labels for Brilliant Visual Accents

Fluorescent accents turn your labels into a real highlight. Individual contours, silhouettes, logos or lettering on labels are particularly suitable for being enhanced with fluorescent ink and to make them stand out.

At, fluorescent labels are available exclusively as roll labels, which can be processed excellently by machine, but are also very well suited for manual application.

Stickers with Fluorescent Colours as Safety Feature

You are probably familiar with this from the supermarket checkout. The cashier checks your banknote with a UV reader to check it for watermarks and to see if the banknote is genuine. This is because the fluorescent colours are hardly or not at all visible in daylight or normal artificial light. So it doesn’t just have to be bottle labels or can labels that are enhanced with fluorescent colours for more attention. A sticker, for example, printed with your logo and lettering in these colours can stand as a guarantee for the authenticity of the product and protect it from unwelcome copies. Speaking of copies: Fluorescent colours are not detected by copiers. This offers additional protection against misuse.

Not Everyone Can Do Labels with Fluorescent Inks

As an expert for printed labels, make sure that customers get what they want. That is why we do not compromise on quality. This applies to our work processes just as much as to the selection of printing materials and inks used. Competence and know-how are our top priority at all times. We are also an online print shop that continuously optimises personal service and support for customers. Our customers are thus spared long journeys and on-site appointments associated with waste of time.

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