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Double Hit Black & White

For Printing Brilliant White & Black Labels

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Double Hit Black & White

Pin sharp lines, flowing colour gradients and outstanding image quality all whilst increasing productivity – this is what differentiates digital label printing from other technologies.

In order to achieve high-quality results when printing brilliant white and deep black, we have added the option of printing these two colours twice. In technical terms this process is called “double hit” – black or white inks are applied twice to increase the opacity and the richness of the print result. Thanks to 100 % accuracy of digital print registrations, we’re able to guarantee a brilliant print result with double ink application!


How to Apply the Double Hit Function

The double hit option is a premium function which can be added to your account after requesting it with our customer service team.

Following successful activation, you will be able to choose from the following “Double Hit” options in your personalised online calculator:

Adapting Your Label Artwork

Double Hit Black

All areas within the label artwork that are set up as 100% “K” will be printed using a double hit of black.

Double Hit HPI-White

All areas within the label artwork that are set up as 100% HPI-White will be printed with a double hit. Please note that white ink must be set up as a spot colour and labelled as “HPI-White” within your label artwork.

Tools and Services

In order to review and test our materials & printing quality most comprehensively, we recommend requesting a complimentary sample book in addition to viewing the list of our standard materials online.

Labels tend to look different in print than they do on-screen. Use our proofing service to make sure that everything looks just the way you want it to.

Our design service is a unique opportunity for you to create a stunning look for your label. The talented designers at are happy to help you implement your ideas!  

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