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Print Data Error – Bleed Incorrectly Created

Watch Our Short Video on the Printing Data Error Here:


The print data you uploaded has no bleed or one that is incorrectly created. The bleed is the area that you must add to the final format. This area serves to compensate for machine fluctuations and prevents white flashes from appearing at the edge. Your data has therefore been created on the ordered final format without a 2.5 mm bleed all around.

Please edit the data and add 2.5 mm bleed all around the final format.

For example: If your label is to be 100 x 100 mm, the final file must be 105 x 105 mm including the bleed. Image elements that extend beyond the label edge should continue in the bleed to avoid white flash.

For more details on how to create the bleed correctly, please refer to our tutorial.