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Data Errors in Your Print Files

Not Sure How to Correct an Error – We Show You How

An online data check is integrated in our order process. This data check examines your uploaded print data and checks whether the cut, format and bleed have been created correctly. Depending on the result, the check will display the following errors.  Simply click on the error displayed and find out what exactly is wrong with your print file and how you can correct the error(s):

Bleed is incorrectly applied


The die cutting line is not closed

Data differs from the ordered format

The die cutting line is not set to overprint

The cutting line is missing or incorrectly created

In addition, the following common errors may cause a delay in production and require consultation:

Text in the bleed

Image resolution is too low

Non printable spot colour created

Black not created in 100% black

Safety distance too small

No hot foil applied

No HPI White (Opaque White) created

Label sorts not correct

Hot foil not applied correctly

HPI White (Opaque White) not applied correctly

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