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Kombucha Shack

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been enjoyed for its wonderful health benefits for thousands of years. It is said to have originated in the Far East where the first recorded use was in China, circa 221 BC. It was known as “the tea of immortality”. It is likely to have spread to places like Russia along with tea on the Silk Road. This product has quickly gained popularity in the UK in recent years and is gaining more popularity all over Europe.

The Story

Shakeera Adam, founder of Kombucha Shack first started to brew Kombucha for herself in 2018 after starting to enjoy the product. She loved tea and making her own ‘concoctions’ from a young age. Some friends enjoyed her homebrew and offered to pay for the drinks and the rest, as they say, is history and in 2019 Kombucha Shack was officially founded.



Kombucha Shack needed to research everything to do with selling this product so they headed to the ‘Kombucha Summit 2019’ in Berlin, Germany. “I first discovered  at the first Kombucha Summit. I picked up a bunch of samples at the summit and I was also sent a full booklet of Kombucha Bottle Label samples to my address”  comments Shakeera.  She continues “I needed something economical and durable that would withstand being in and around liquids. The samples I received looked to be very good quality.”


Experiences with Our Online Services

After receiving the Kombucha Bottle label samples Shakeera went over to the website and used our online calculator. “This was very helpful and the final step to helping me choose As a new company, with little extra cash we were looking for something that would fit our budget and also give us the quality we needed. When comparing costs with local companies and other printers I found that was the most economical” commented Shakeera. as Printing Partner

Finally, Shakeera goes on to comment about why she would recommend “There are a few reasons actually. Economical, great quality and superb customer service.”

You can find out about the full range of Kombucha from Kombucha Shack at their website or follow them on Instagram.