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Black Mark and Insetting Mark – A small mark but with big effect!

What is a Black Mark?

The Black mark is a black marking on a label, which is classically printed on the backing material of the reverse side. With this mark, the finishing or labelling machine recognises when a label begins and ends.

Blackmark Image

Special Case: Transparent Labels

With transparent labels, there is the problem that the optical sensors of the labelling machines cannot detect the difference between the backing and the label due to the high light transmission of the material.  A mark provides a remedy here and signals to the machine where the label begins and ends.

Printing a black mark on the reverse side as a black line or small box is no problem for materials with paper backing. However, such printing on the reverse side is not possible for transparent labels with a film backing (such as our PP Clear with PET backing).

The reason: unfortunately, the print does not hold on a PET liner and would smear. When producing your labels on a roll, the smudged print would then stain the front of the following label.  As a result, the labeller no longer recognises the Black mark clearly and machine dispensing is almost impossible.  For this reason, a so-called insetting mark is used for transparent labels.

The Insetting Mark

We have learned that printing on the reverse side of transparent materials with PET backing isn’t possible.  Here, an insetting mark with Black mark’s is used instead.

An insetting mark is an extension of the label, i.e. an extra line with a Black mark, which is placed next to the actual label and runs along during printing. The insetting can be applied above or below the label.  Important: It is included in the final format and in the order!  The insetting mark remain on the liner during weeding or labelling.

What Should the Black Mark Look Like?

The type of Black mark or insetting mark required depends largely on the labeller. The position, size and number of  mark(s) is absolutely individual and always depends on the requirements of the labeller and the customer.  Some machines and customers require a mark, others do not.

There are basically the four following possibilities:

1. Mark between the web/intermediate cut
2. Mark at the beginning of the label
3. Mark at the end of the label
4. Mark at the beginning and end of the label

Good to know: The mark does not necessarily have to be printed on the reverse side, but can also be located on the top of the label – should this be required by your labeller.

Black Mark as an Individual Order

Due to its individuality, the printing of a mark is a special order and cannot be ordered via the shop. You as the customer define and decide how and where the mark is placed.  Please contact us, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and find the ideal solution.