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Tyvek Labels

A Unique Label Material

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  • Tyvek® Labels made of HDPE Fibers
  • Robust, Tearproof & Weatherproof
  • Suitable for all Industries
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Tyvek® - What is It?

Tyvek® is neither paper nor film and is therefore a very special material: the material consists of hard polyethylene (HDPE) fibres, which can be stacked and compressed as desired. The result is a fabric that has a very high density and is particularly resistant.

Thanks to its special structure and manufacture, Tyvek® is resistant to water, most chemicals, heat, cold and UV radiation. Thus, the material is mainly used in areas with difficult circumstances and demands on material and product. Applications include, for example, the manufacture of protective clothing or sterile packaging for medical products, the construction industry, covers and weather protection, clothing and fashion accessories and many more.

The properties of Tyvek® summarized once again:

  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Rugged
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Tear-Resistant
  • Long-Lasting
  • Watertight
  • Light
  • Flexible
  • Recyclable

Applications of Tyvek® Labels

Due to its material properties, Tyvek® is especially suitable for labelling chemical products and containers and can be used in a temperature range from -20 to +80°C. The material is also suitable for cosmetic labels as it is resistant to contact with water and oil and easy to wash off. Tyvek® labels are also ideal for labelling other products such as wine, craft berries and spirits. You see: Thanks to its unique structure and properties, Tyvek® can be used universally in all industries and for all products.

Customise Tyvek® Labels

The unprinted Tyvek® label feels slightly velvety. Since the individual fibres laid on top of each other can be seen, the material looks as if it has been scooped. As unique as the material is, Tyvek® can be printed easily and uncomplicatedly using digital printing. Refinements such as hot foil, protective lacquer and embossing are no problem either. Your Tyvek® label can be individually designed and printed according to your wishes and ideas. After printing, the individual fibres can only be recognised on closer inspection.

Tyvek® labels in All Sizes & Shapes

At you can get your Tyvek® labels in all sizes and shapes. Whether round, angular or in a completely individual form – makes it possible. Interested? We will be happy to send you Tyvek® labels as samples. Simply contact our customer service team. We are happy to help!

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Good to Know:

Tyvek is particularly suitable for labelling chemical products due to its resistance and robustness. To find out which materials are generally suitable for a chemical label and what design options you have, visit our Chemical Labels page.

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