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Energy Labels

From A to G


  • new energy labels
  • back to scale A to G
  • A: most economical appliance
  • G: most inefficient appliance
  • plus-classes are abolished
  • scale is regularly readjusted
  • product database brings clarity


Transition Period Ends

Manufacturers and distributors of light sources must label their products with the new EU energy label from 1 April 2023. The transition period officially ends on 31.03.2023. Currently, the old and the new label can still exist simultaneously in stores. However, as of 01.04., light sources may only bear the new energy label.

The new labels provide more transparency and make the energy scale more significant for consumers. In addition, there is a QR code on the new EU energy labels. By scanning it, you can go directly to the European product database EPREL. There you will find information on various products that should enable you to make a well-informed purchase.

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From A to G: New Structures for Energy Labels

First of all: The new scale will be more consumer friendly. The EU Commission decided back in 2015 to return to the original simple scale going from A to G. The new efficiency label for energy consumption has been mandatory since March 2021. The seven energy labels signal to consumers the energy consumption of the electrical appliance using a colour system. The dark green of energy class A stands for particularly economical appliances and the dark red of energy class G for inefficient appliances. A+, A++ and A+++ are thus a thing of the past. The original system dates back to 1990.

>> more information on the new EU energy label 

In addition, a product database will help to keep one’s bearings in the label jungle and to recognise energy-saving models more quickly in the future. The extended labelling model with labels such as A++ and A+++ will be reverted to the original model with the simple scale from A to G. From now on, no further plus-classes will be created, but regular readjustment of the classes will ensure that A always marks the most economical model. So, unlike before, technical progress will not create any new energy classes from now on; the scale from A to G will remain. The schedule determined by the EU Commission for the new labelling is as follows:

From 2020: TVs, washing machines and dishwashers, lamps and refrigerators
From 2025: Hoovers, fans and tumble dryers
From 2030: Boilers and heaters

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