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Two Stacks

The Story

Founded in 2020 by Shane McCarthy, Liam Brogan & Donal McLynn with fresh knowledge and experience in the globalised world of spirits.

Two Stacks was inspired by the traditions of old and contemporary brands of new. Opening one of Ireland’s only independent bonding & blending facilities in 2022, with the ambition to combine these worlds together.


‘Our unique approach to working with some of Irelands leading  distilleries; selecting the finest spirit distilled across the Island  allows us to create incredible expressions of whiskey never crafted nor tasted before. We continue to build our reputation on top of three key fundamentals – transparency, creativity, innovation – and to help shape the future in Irish whiskey.’

The Design

‘Our labels designs are done in partnership with Gymnasium DesignStudio in Belfast who has been part of the brand from inception and has been a great partner at understanding our brand vision in becoming a new voice within Irish Whiskey and the contemporary beverage sector focusing on the discerning consumer, seeking out transparency and something new and exciting within the category.’

The Material

‘We focus a lot on design to match the flavour profiles of our products and go into great detail on how the cognitive reacts to colours, touch and feel of the product to match the ultra premium Irish Whiskey going into it. Cotton touch has been a great choice from alongside hot foiling to sync into the bright abstract colouring within the labelling, using the foiling to high-light key information about each product.’

The Challanges

‘There are always new challenges when pushing the boundaries with NPD and labels to suit this new product, colours can look a lot difference on screen than when printed; we research a lot of metallic and pantone books before committing to finished prints and put our trust in the design team also within who have been great at highlighting possible risks when hot foil text formats may be a little outside of boundaries or needs to be double checked before full commitments.’ as Printing Partner

‘We would highly recommend due to their high efficiency and cost effectiveness as well as customer service, everything you need when running a flexible and dynamic drinks business.’