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Rempapa Spice Labels

Put More Spice in Your Life

The Story

In Southeast Asia, curries and a whole host of dishes begin with a fresh spice paste – called rempah in Malay. A long list of aromatic herbs and spices go into rempah, along with a fair bit of elbow grease.

Because rempah is such a pain to prepare, and because it’s near impossible to find readymade pastes outside of the standard repertoire of Thai/ Indian flavours in London, Shu Han Lee, Rempapa Founder, would often make large batches of rempah and freeze them in serving-sized portions.


They were a godsend on weeknights. Or even on special occasions when she wanted to impress her guests.  She realised this was the best way she could enjoy and share the flavours she grew up with adventurous but time-pressed Londoners.


The Material often attend trade fairs/shows to spread the word about their great labels! Rempapa attended the Specialist Fine Food Fair in London a few years ago and met with  ‘We loved what we saw’ commented Shu.  She continues ‘ We particularly loved the textured paper and hot foiling features – which added a beautiful artisanal feel to our spice labels’

Experiences with Our Online Services

Shu used the website to check the label costs and place her orders. The website enables customers to place orders 24/7 when it’s convenient for them.

The online calculator is a great tool to use in order to see the price differences with different quantities, paper types or finishing options. Rempapa used the online calculator and Shu comments ‘It was quick and easy and very helpful to help us plan ahead for costs – important to a small business like us.  The speed of service was also quick, plus the system keeps us updated throughout so we never have to worry’.

Rempapa-Red-Hot-Sambal-Jar-Label as Printing Partner

We appreciate that there are real human beings behind the screen. Of course there are times when specific questions, queries or urgent needs arise. That is why have a customer service team on hand during office hours to answer calls and respond to emails.

Shu comments when asked about our customer service.‘ It was fantastic. Any time we’ve had a problem or question – be it wrongly uploaded files or urgent deliveries, someone’s there doing all they can to help. We especially appreciate the fact that it’s a real human being we’re speaking to and they are genuinely helpful’.

Further Information

If you are interested in purchasing some Rempapa spice pastes or books, please head on over to their website today or follow on Instagram.

You can visit our web page concerning spice labels for jars if you are looking for more information on that topic.