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Pocketful of Stones

The Story

‘We are an independently owned craft distillery started by a bunch of bar tenders who grew too old, grumpy and chunky to be stood behind the bar any longer. They took their respective skillsets in flavour creating, booze pouring and storytelling to create Pocketful of Stones Distillers, a now respected and award-winning distillery on the Cornish coast. From whisky to gin to absinthe or cider brandy, the long hours of taste testing have been put in to be sure that the liquid you put to your lips is of the utmost integrity and delectability.’


The Design

‘We work with a group of guys I went to uni with. They went on to set up the most amazing design agency called roots.  They are a constant inspiration as well as a voice of reason. They design the most beautiful labels and make and print them.’

The Material

‘We chose Premium Matt White (Sable Blanc) paper for our labels because of the substrate’s texture which purveys quality.’

The Challenges

‘We wanted to include smaller, more intricate gold foil on our labels. It turned out to be more difficult than we thought to implement those elements in our design so that they would fit our expectations. With the result turned out perfectly though.’ as Printing Partner

‘The main reason I would recommend is for ease of use.’