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Moo & Yoo

Ethical Hair Care from Scotland

The Story

Inspired by the breed of Scottish Highland Cattle, salon brand Moo & Yoo is making quite an impression on hairdressers across the country, with its natural, ethical products that are kind to your hair as well as the environment.

From their Edinburgh base, Suzie Gillespie and her daughter Olivia, have spent the past two years developing a range of hair products using the purest natural ingredients, including Icelandic moss, Fairtrade, virgin marula oil and sea salt, all from renewable sources.


The Product

The Moo product range has been formulated and developed with hairdressers and chemists who specialise in working with natural products, using only high-quality ingredients with nothing watered down. There are no aggressive ingredients and product performance is balanced equally with the brand’s ethical commitment.

A hairdresser by trade, Suzie has had a salon in Edinburgh for over 13 years. When adapting her business four years ago to make it environmentally friendly, she realised that all the best sustainable products were coming from Australasia and set out to produce her own.

“It has taken a lot of researching but I feel we have come up with a range of products that allows hair salons to meet their own environmental goals and more, whilst still giving their customers an amazing treatment experience,” states Suzie. “The Highland cattle have the most beautiful coats, this inspired us to source ingredients that would allow human hair to look just as good!”

All products are vegan and cruelty free in that neither the products nor the ingredients are tested on animals. There are no aerosols, all sprays are supplied in an environmentally friendly and recyclable spritz/atomiser dispensers.

Moo & Yoo works closely with their suppliers and only with partners who share similar values. There are no parabens or sulphates in the products. No harsh chemicals, SLS or synthetic detergents are used and all are free from artificial colourings and over 96% biodegradable. Moo & Yoo also encourage salons to refill customer purchased bottles from their own one litre stock bottles.


Label and Packaging Choices

“Our commitment to the environment also covers our packaging decisions”, continues Suzie. “We only use glass bottles and jars for all our products, a naturally derived material that is 100% recyclable and the jar lids are made of 100% recyclable aluminium. Our labels are printed on recycled paper using vegetable-based inks and we transport our products in recyclable cardboard, with minimal packaging.

Moo_Hair_Miracle_Shampoo as Printing Partner

Suzie chose to provide her labels. “The labels had to meet our sustainable policy and were able to do this and still offer a very good price. By digitally printing the labels we can produce them all on one print run which saves on wastage. Despite the fact that the paper label will eventually deteriorate due to the water contact, we didn’t want to go for a plastic-coated option and our customers are fully understanding of this.”