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The Story

‘My name is Farard Darver, the Founder and CEO of Healthcare International Research (the company behind the Hempe brand) and I am a former British Army Officer and Green Beret Commando. I served in the British Army for over 16 years and was deployed on operations and exercises both domestically and internationally including two tours in Afghanistan. During the latter years of my service, I began to notice the discomfort my body was suffering from, brought on by many years of arduous activity which resulted in a total left hip replacement at the ripe old age of 43!


‘I realised I wasn’t alone among my fellow soldiers and the reliance on painkillers seemed to become the norm before and after training, activities or sport. Many of us were regularly taking ibuprofen before army rugby matches or long marches and then finishing with painkillers afterwards. A part of me realised that this is not sustainable and certainly not very good for me or my liver…and so the foundation of Hempe was laid.

‘Like everybody else, I had heard about CBD and the potential healing effects it had but was initially very sceptical and dismissive of it since after all…it’s a drug, right? I couldn’t have been more wrong. The hemp plant is one of the most versatile plants on the planet and you can find elements of it in clothes, food, building materials, drinks, and skincare products. Seeing first-hand the extent that CBD was helping people around me with a range of issues, I knew I had to investigate further and my investigations led me to the creation of the Hempe products which help sore muscles & joints.’

The Design

‘We hired an Irish company to help us with the label design. The airless containers we use are not the most pretty possible but functionally, they are the very best for keeping the product in the best condition with zero contamination from user’s fingers. To make them look their best, we knew we needed beautiful labels and chose a foil effect to make them stand out.’

The Material

‘Since we wanted a foil effect we went with a silver PP to get the effect. The labels look beautiful, even better than what we asked for and they do not chip or wear during transport – like proper foil should – which is extremely important to us and our customers.’

The Challenges

‘Everything takes time to get right. There was a lot of back and forth but Mariola from helped guide us through the whole process. One particular challenge for us was that the containers are wider on the base and thinner on the top – this meant we had to adjust the cut lines to make the labels wrap on perfectly.’ as Printing Partner

‘We highly recommend They have been an amazing partner and have been very helpful every step of the way. We at Hempe would trust them again with our labels.’