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Candle Belle

The Advantages of Digital Printing

We knew we would be part of something big when Claire from Candle Belle came to us with her label requirements; and we were right. The labels we printed for Candle Belle showcase digital printing at its best. Their recent rebrand called for 55 different label sorts, each one unique to their wide range of candle scents – that means 111 different artworks!


Digital Printing – Multiple Sorts

There’s no doubt that this was a big job: 55 different label sorts for their candle jars, 55 for their melts and 1 for their special mega melt for their Cancer Fund For Children drive.  “We had very specific requirements as we wanted the labels to be quality and not just a cheap and nasty product.”

At, we use the best and latest in digital technology which gives us the capability to handle jobs like Candle Belle’s, and to do so cost effectively. This means that we can reflect the price saving measures of digital printing and our lean work processes – such as reduced set-up times and the ability to print multiple sorts in single printing runs – in our prices. For Candle Belle, had just the solutions they needed because their job also required an intricate, bespoke hot foil stamping finish – typically a costly premium finish.


Premium Finishing – Bespoke Hot Foil

For their labels, we combined digital printing with premium finishing techniques to create a custom label design that features their unique logo with a bespoke hot foil. Candle Belle turned to Alan Cheetham to design their insignia around their brand values – unique, handmade and design led. The result is a beautiful, shiny label that exudes elegance.

“This is why we chose the textured paper and the authenticity added by the hot foiling technique,” says Claire.

“The quality of the labels we received are simply among the best that are available which in conjunction with‘s flexibility in terms of label run size and variations in artworks combined with their exceptionally competitive pricing makes them the perfect bespoke label printing company!”

*Note: when we do custom hot foils, we keep the custom-made stamping tools for future use – so it’s quicker and cheaper for our customers when they re-order labels!


Online Label Printers

It’s also worth noting how much digital technology runs through our company. Claire has her own online account where she can place complex label orders with our online calculator, or re-order previous jobs through her account. However, our dedicated customer service team is more than happy to help when it comes to tricky label requirements like Candle Belle’s.

“At all times the team was incredibly helpful,  they could never do enough to help and went out of their way to ensure we were able to achieve the finished product that we had envisaged – always answering and replying personally to our communications promptly and efficiently,” says Claire.

Digital comes full circle at – for Candle Belle, everything can be managed online while their labels are printed using our digital printers, with production updates given in real-time on Claire’s account. This keeps the whole process streamlined and hassle-free.

Our modernised business model and digital technology streamlines the process for our customers and results in high quality labels that are produced fast and efficiently, involving the customer in every step.