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What is Augmented Reality?

The term Augmented Reality, or AR for short, means “extended reality”. Virtual objects such as images, animations or texts are added to the real world and both worlds merge into a common, augmented reality. Most people are probably familiar with this technology from the game Pokémon Go. Now augmented reality is also being used more and more in the packaging industry.

The Product as an Experience

The use of augmented reality on labels makes it possible to turn a product into a true experience through interactive packaging. Shopping is becoming more and more digital: not only is e-commerce on the rise worldwide, but stationary retail is also relying more and more on digital solutions.

New technologies like augmented reality are a good marketing tool. They can help to communicate directly with the customer as well as surprise them. Digitalised labels offer new possibilities to address the customer on an emotional level. Thus, they create customer loyalty, because advertising messages can be addressed directly to the customer at any time and packaged in an entertaining way. In this way, brands can further differentiate themselves from the competition and address the customer in every phase of the customer journey – not only at the point-of-sale itself. Augmented reality labels also make it possible to address entirely new target groups. However, it is also important that the digital content is relevant and convincing for the customer. Otherwise, the digitalised labels tend to work against successful customer loyalty.

Design Your Augmented Reality Label

To design an augmented reality label, you first need a so-called “creator”. You can choose from a variety of providers. For the “Garden of Aja” label, worked with the Zappar app.

And this is how it works: In order to expand your reality, you first need a modern end device such as a smartphone or tablet. The appropriate app for the creator with which you create your digital object must be installed on it. Secondly, you need an object, such as a product with a label, which is provided with a code. This is then scanned with the app on the mobile phone. The app recognises the code and triggers the digital content which can be a simple object such as a video, an animation or a superimposed text.

But it is not only with Zappar that augmented reality experiences can be created. There are a variety of other providers, such as Shazam, Apple’s ARKit or Google’s ARCore. Which app or programme you use certainly depends on your own AR skills and experience in creating AR content.

Tools and Services

Our design service is a unique opportunity for you to create a stunning look for yo ur label. The talented designers at are happy to help you implement your ideas!

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