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Checklist Day

Where Did it all Begin?

If you are living in the modern world, making use of a checklist is a powerful habit to embrace.   Checklist Day (celebrated on 30 October) is a great way to remind yourself how important these self-made reminders truly are. It is said that this day harkens back to some  dark roots.

Checklists came out of a need to keep pilots safe during WWII.  The first checklist resulted from a crash that injured several people, killing at least two on a Boeing Model 299 B-17 plane in 1935.  The 299 was heralded as the most state-of-the-art aircraft at the time.  During the post-crash investigation, Boeing discovered that the pilot had forgotten to do a simple task — turn off the gust lock.  This simple omission caused the aircraft not to respond to pitch control, leaving the plane vulnerable.  So one group of pilots came up with the idea to create a checklist before taxiing down the runway.  More information on Pre-flight checklists can be found here.

Why Do I Need a Checklist for Label Printing?

So, if a checklist can keep us flying safely in the air, what better way to keep our lives organised and running smoothly on the ground?

Now that you know the origins of the National Checklist Day, why not take a look at our handy checklist guide for preparing your label artwork and files.