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Transparent Labels;
Achieve the No-Label Look with Clear Labels

What is the No-Label Look?

Transparent, printed adhesive labels provide a no-label look. They are printed onto crystal clear films to give the impression that the content has been directly printed onto product packaging. The adhesive on the film must also be completely clear in addition to the flexible, see-through polypropylene film. The transparent film can adapt to curves and uneven areas without any problems and is also highly resistant to liquids, oils and light chemicals.

The best way of applying roll labels for the no-label look is mechanically, in order to avoid air bubbles and structural formations in the adhesive label. Invisible, clear labels are contemporary, high-quality and give free rein for design.

Why use Transparent No-Label Look Labels?

When they are skilfully positioned, clear labels are the ideal solution for striking product packaging and these transparent labels offer greater flexibility and better value than direct printing; particularly in short to medium print production run lengths. They offer the option of achieving interesting effects, e.g. allowing visibility into the bottle. You can increase the value of your no-label look labels by combining the clear film with special colours, shapes and finishes. There are almost no limits.

Ways to Use Transparent Labels

These transparent no-label look labels fulfil the highest quality and design standards. They guarantee a clear, strong appearance at the point of sale. The no-label look is seen particularly frequently in the cosmetics, food and drinks industries. Of course, we can implement the no-label look for any industry.

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