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Case Study: King Bloom Cocktails

KingBloomBanner About King Bloom CocktailsKing Bloom Cocktails has made a splash in the pre-mixed cocktail industry with its range of cocktails served in jam jars and has found success in leveraging digital printing and taking advantage of its personalisation opportunities. Their original, ready-to-drink cocktails have gone through extensive shaking and tasting trials with their own mixologists in order […]

Case Study: soap N skin

Banner soapNskin (1) Multi-Variate Runs & Labels For Cosmetic Bottles & Jars About soap N skin soapNskin was started by lifelong friends Samar and Rabia out of their frustration over expensive and heavily marketed beauty products failing to deliver their promises. They researched with botanical extracts, natural bases, butters and essential oils to create various creams, soaps and shampoos. And, […]

Case Study: Hunt & Stride

Hunt & Stride Banner About Hunt & Stride Hunt & Stride produce handcrafted, small-batch cured beef biltong with grass-feed meat sourced from local British farms. Using only organic spices, vinegar and traditional South African dry-curing methods, the Hackney based company caters to the growing demand for all natural, locally produced, protein rich food. No additives, no preservatives, no MSG, no nitrates, and […]

Case Study: East London Brew

ELB Banner “Rush jobs” are common place in our industry, we have to be reactive for when our customers are up against it. That’s the beauty of our digital printing which many traditional methods can’t match – we can offer small and even large print runs with a very quick turnaround. Here’s a little example on how […]

Case Study: Double Dutch

Double Dutch Branding Banner Branding ReDesign & Textured Material Case Study: Double Dutch Drinks With a design that their customers were saying was ‘too funky’, ‘too colourful’, and failed to communicate the naturalness of their drinks and the brand story, the de Haas twins hit a tipping point when a high-end customer claimed they loved their premium drinks mixer, […]

Case Study: Candle Belle

Candle Belle Multiple Sort Digital Printing & Bespoke Hot Foil Candle Belle began as a family-run business and has expanded to what it is now. Touting hi-res images and a beautiful, professionally, designed website showcasing their seemingly endless product range – with a proper team to make it all happen. We knew we would be part of something big when […]

Craft Beer Labels; Our Top 5 Tips

tempest41_l Insider Tips for Craft Brewers So you’ve worked hard brewing your beer, making packaging decisions, searching for the right bottler – now, what about producing your craft beer labels? It may be stressful making the decisions you need to in order to produce your craft beer labels, but with our tips below it will make this process seem like […]