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Thermal Transfer Labels

Overprinting with Thermal Transfer

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Thermal Transfer Summary

  • Flexible Overprinting
  • Labels on Rolls
  • Suitable for Machine Use

Overprinting Your Labels with Thermal Transfer

At we print finished product labels that are ready to apply to products. Manufacturers and distributers are also able to take our finished product labels and run them through thermal transfer printers to add additional data to the labels such as BBE dates, sell by dates, batch numbers and even lines of text that identify individual SKUs.

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Thermal Transfer Printing; An Overview

Are Your Printed Labels Suitable for Thermal Transfer Printing

Our printed labels on rolls are suitable for thermal transfer printing. Our materials are able to withstand any heat used within the process and our protective varnishes will allow suitable adhesion without smudging inks. It is very important that we do not confuse Thermal transfer printing with thermal direct printing, the latter of the two requiring specialist materials and usually no varnish.

Are your Printed Labels compatible with our Machines?

We are able to configure our printed labels on rolls to fit almost any machine. There are a number of specific pieces of information that we will need to know pre-production, such as; Winding Directions, Core Sizes and Outer Diameters. Read more about roll configurations here.

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