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Vegan Pizza by V-Izza

Not Just for Veganuary, but for life!

With 3 restaurants in London (Croydon, Wandsworth, Wood Green), V-Izza has a simple mission….to change how the universe looks at vegan pizza.

With more and more people concerned for their own health and the environment Veganism is a good way to help the cause.  Today we spoke to V-Izza about why they continue to choose for their label printing.

Design Service

When it came to some extra inspiration, Vizza vegan pizzas needed a bit of a helping hand with some label design work so they decided to use the in-house design service of  Tamer Kamel, Director ICCO commented “I had some of my labels designed, it was very easy and they followed instruction very well with hardly any need for adjustments” have different design service options ranging from minor adjustments to existing designs or complete overhaul of a design or a new design or brand request.  See here for full details.

Vizza Vegan Pizza’s have used many times now.  Why do they keep coming back? Tamer commented “The efficiency of the website, the excellent customer service and overall quality of the products”

If you fancy a taste of what you have read about follow V-Izza on Instagram, Facebook or head on over to their website to make an order today.

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