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Pulse CBD | Quality CBD for You and Your Pet

Who are Pulse CBD and why they chose's Metallic foils?


Founded by Lewis & Taylor Gray.  Pulse CBD is a UK based family run business which started on the back of the benefits that they all experienced while using CBD.  From their oldest family member who struggled to switch off at night right down to their 4 year old Cavachon that got anxious around other dogs. CBD was a life changer for everyone so as a family they knew they needed to spread the message of CBD and make it accessible to all.  They have achieved this by producing extensive educational articles & material on their website and providing top quality CBD products at affordable prices.

What is CBD?

By definition, CBD – also known as cannabidiol – is a naturally occurring cannabinoid chemical compound found in cannabis plants, such as hemp. There are over 113 cannabinoids isolated from cannabis, all with varying effects.

Unlike its cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not cause intoxication. Instead, CBD collaborates with your body’s own internal system to produce naturally occurring endocannabinoid endorphins responsible for CBD’s restorative abilities.

This CBD-induced chemical process has proven beneficial for many common ailments and notably, individuals that suffer from seizures and epilepsy. Scientists have found that CBD is the compound responsible for the pain-relieving affect experienced with cannabis. By extracting CBD, consumers can get the pain relief they seek without the intoxicating effects that accompanies cannabis. CBD has also been found responsible for alleviating anxiety and depression, reducing inflammation, fighting acne and even having neuroprotective properties.

CBD for Pets

Humans and dogs have very similar systems of receptors in thier brains, nervous system and organs. These receptors are what respond to the chemical reaction of CBD and provide pain relief and relaxation.

The main benefits of CBD for your pet can be: 

  • Increases their mobility;
  • Fights any inflammation;
  • Calms anxious tendencies
  • Eases pain
  • Improves gut health and boosts the appetite

Pain can be caused from injury, surgery or chronic and progressive disease such as arthritis. Mainstream prescribed pain management for animals will often include opioids.  Although these medications can be effective, there can be significant side effects such as liver damage and increased sensitivity to pain, which may make your pet even more dependent on the medication.  Pulse CBD also produce a range of products suitable for pets.  

Metallic Papers & Samples

Pulse CBD Metallic

“The main feature that drew me to were the metallic foils offered which suited our product vision perfectly.” Comments Lewis Grey, co-founder of Pulse CBD.  He continues “Previous label companies I’ve worked with were unable to provide the metallic look we desired and left us disappointed with their samples. To the contrary,‘s metallic material samples blew us away.  In terms of quality I haven’t come across other labels that come close and my designs turned out exactly as intended”.

Patience of a Saint!

Lewis contacted the Customer Care team at by email and phone.  Lewis comments “Sewwandi in the customer service team had the patience of a saint and baby-stepped me through the artwork set up process which was completely new to me.  She was astonishingly accommodating of our countless last minute changes of mind and alterations” 

Lewis also used’s Online calculator tool for his no-obligation quotes.  This helped him with the price per unit thus being handy for product costings.  He continues “Despite providing extremely good value for money and being the cheapest label company we have worked with, for us, the price is irrelevant. At only pennies per label the value for money is ridiculous and we would happily pay tenfold for the kind of quality delivered”

If you are interested in learning more about Pulse CBD’s product’s for you or your pet, head over to their online shop today or follow them on facebook or instagram.

We would be happy to offer you personalised advice on all our label options!

If you have specific questions regarding a current requirement or specific metallic paper type Please feel free to leave us a message.